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Maybe We Can Work Out Why Mount Vernon, NY, Is Screwed?



The Guardian tells us that the sewage system in Mount Vernon, NY, is entirely screwed. This is, effectively, a suburb just outside NYC, it’s majority black. The system has barely been updated in a century.

Sewage problems are nothing new in Mount Vernon, New York, a majority-Black city of 68,000 that’s only a half-hour train ride from Grand Central station in Manhattan. Officials in Mount Vernon told the Guardian that sewage and wastewater infrastructure is collapsing all over town. The city is an extreme example of ailing wastewater networks across the country crumbling faster than cities can afford to maintain them – and communities of color may bear an outsized share of the burden.

Hmm, well. The claim is that the Feds must come in and pay for everything.

Mount Vernon has the highest tax rate in Westchester county, yet residents are baffled at where their money has been going all this time. Wayne Fletcher, 48, lives just off the troubled 3rd Street corridor and pays $18,400 in yearly property taxes for his two-family home

Oh. There isn’t in fact any shortage of local money. It’s just pissed away. Or rather, spent in a manner that doesn’t get the piss away.

Like McNeil, he spent much of the winter with sewage backing up into his house and spreading across the garage floor. Fletcher, who grew up in Jamaica and works for AT&T as a network engineer, said that on the worst days, he and his family skipped showers and drank less water to avoid using the toilet.

“I’m paying for a lifestyle I’m not living,” said Fletcher. “In all my years in Jamaica, I never saw something like this. Never.”

Get that? We’ve got a Jamaican complaining about the incompetence of the local administration.

So, what’s the cause here? City President:


What’s the one thing the Guardian doesn’t mention in the piece talking about how awful this all is? The one party state nature of the administration which is so awful.

Ain’t that strange?



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