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Climate Change And Food Supply – These People Are Insane



Assume that climate change is happening – as it is and always has. Good. So, what food you can grow where depends upon the weather and the climate, right? Sure, we can breed more resistant strains of everything and all that but we are still dependent upon both weather and climate. We’re not going to grow barley in the Congo and we’re not going to produce pineapples in Perth. Not the Scottish one at least.

OK, so what’s our useful reaction to the idea that climate is going to change more then? Getting our food from lots of different places presumably. Because that varies the risk, right?

The UK is increasingly reliant on fruit and vegetables imported from countries most vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis, which could lead to supply problems, experts say.

Well, if we only ate stuff grown in the UK we’d be even more vulnerable, right?

In 1987, 21 crops accounted for 80% of all fruit and vegetables supplied to the UK. The figure rose to 27 crops in 2000 and 34 in 2013, according to the study.

Cool, that’s what we are doing, Diversifying the species we eat, the places they’re produced in, we’re doing the right things. Except, the experts here say we’re not:

“The implications of vulnerability of our trade strategy cuts across traditional policy silos such as diets, health, agriculture, economy and the environment,” Scheelbeek said. “We need to rethink our trade strategy to reduce dependency on climate vulnerable countries, import responsibly and look into possibilities to enhance consumption of sustainably grown fruit and vegetables, including those produced in the UK.”

Yes, quite so, the idiots are proposing that we concentrate risk here into our domestic fields. They’re insane.

No, that is not too harsh a word, insane. For upon reading the actual paper itself we get:

The diversity of fruit and vegetable supply has increased.

We’re already doing the right thing, the right thing these fools would see reversed. Now, where’s that piano wire gone?



  1. Even better, these people seem to be encouraging an increase in poverty, destitution and misery in the “climate vulnerable countries”, many of which are developing or, in the words of realists, third world.

  2. Climate change will increase the food supply from Siberia, so Russia will replace the USA as the largest food exporter in the world.
    Famine will not result from climate change – but it could result from the world adopting vegan idiocy and abandoning the three-quarters of agricultural land which is not suitable for growing food crops.

    • It wouldn’t surprise if in the UK said agricultural land isn’t suitable for rearing meat either. The productivity is so low, I expect that if you take out the subsidies and assign a value to the time of the farm labour worming and doing all the other tasks of say 1/3 the minimum wage, then you could abandon the land, buy in protein mix at the world price to the same amount of upland production and have a load of change.
      Sell it to the eco-freak rewilders, pony trekkers, woodland trust, MOD, wind companies or quarrying or anyone else who thinks they can make a go of it.

  3. They obviously agree then that it’s wrong for the UK to depend on the Middle East for most of its fuel. Clearly a determined effort to introduce fracking to make sure what’s needed is produced at home is their goal, right.

    What!!!! You said no?

  4. Most of the food that is sold in the UK is capable of being grown using Hydroponic techniques in greenhouses. Or can be. Huge amounts of UK produce is grown in the Netherlands and In winter thir greenhousesy are heated by natural gas. Strawberries in winter, Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce, you name it. Other than some sort of obsessive intellectual purism, I’m really not sure what he’s rambling about here, in that is’s probably sensible to be just doing this stuff yourself if you can.

    • The rambling is that we should be doing this where it is most efficient to do it. You know, division and specialisation of labour plus trade in the resultant production?

      “in that is’s probably sensible to be just doing this stuff yourself if you can.”

      Doesn’t that mean we should all be feeding ourselves off our back garden?


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