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We know times are hard, more so than ever at the moment. If you can help us out with a subscription it will help us fight even harder against the ever increasing error and fallacy in the mainstream media. We have no advertising, so your subscriptions are a great help to our fight. If you can’t spare a few coins to help us, perhaps you could tweet some of our messages?

“As Mark Twain pointed out it’s knowing what’s so that ain’t that’s
dangerous. So, welcome to Expunct. Where we – and you if you’d care to
join in – point out what ain’t among those fashionable opinions out
there. Sometimes it’ll be the old favourites among sources but error has
no specific political flavour, we’ll point everywhere. Fortunately we’ve plenty of ammunition for this is the British media and its foibles we’re examining. We could do with your help, sure we could but more than that your guidance. For we too will get it wrong at times
and we’d prefer to be corrected than to remain mainstream.

We’re coming for them, argument by argument.”




  1. How about this for an idea: If you pay you comments are posted unmoderated. Is that a good idea or do you think that would be abused. But then if they’re paying who cares what they say – if they just want to be insulting – we’ll listen – and put the money in the bank. We’d be doing them a service. Or maybe its just me who having just dolled out a monthly amount (you caught me in a very good mood) – I now find my comments are ‘being moderated’. Hmmm. Know what I mean?

  2. Ok so the way I see it – so far you’ve gotten 11 people who have put some hard cash on the table. God alone know how many have made that a monthly on-going thing. At least one for sure. But if this thing is to take off – then it needs to become INTERACTIVE. The more you can encourage participation in the comments sections – the more interesting it becomes. Why is Facebook an Twitter so popular – because its so bloody interactive. That’s the only way this thing will take off – if you can make it a place where people come to read – AND THEN INTERACT. If you’re going to force us all to wait till every comment is ‘moderated’ – well that ain’t gonna happen. So give members benefits. Members can post without moderation. If they start doing too much F’ing and B’ing you can moderate them retrospectively – just delete all their nonsense and tell them to get a life or f*** off. To repeat: it’s got to be a place where a you build somewhere people have fun hanging out. Moderating every post kills that. Free speech and all that. OK. Enough I will shut up now.

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in British English
expunct (ɪkˈspʌŋkt)
VERB (transitive)
1. to delete or erase; blot out; obliterate
2. to wipe out or destroy

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