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The Private Prosecution Of Dominic Cummings



We should probably have this down as a career move by Masha Taliefar. I mean, why not, after all, Toothsome, newly out of a legal course, why wouldn’t you try to make a name for yourself with a crowd funded private prosecution? Seems to be working well enough for Soapy Joe and his campaign for a gong – he’ll get one in the end after all.

So, this lady:

Has decided that a private prosecution is the way to go:

A law student hoping to bring a private prosecution of the PM’s top aide has been told there is enough evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.

Mahsa Taliefar, 25, from London, sought formal advice from senior criminal barristers over Dominic Cummings’ trips during lockdown.

They say there is sufficient evidence in the public domain to prosecute for two breaches of the Coronavirus Health Protection Regulations 2020.

As one of our regular correspondents has pointed out in order to prosecute someone it is necessary to show that a law has been broken. Or, perhaps, that there’s a reasonable case to answer that a law has been broken.

It states that, during the emergency, “no person may leave the place where they are living without reasonable excuse” and then lists reasonable excuses such as shopping for groceries, accessing critical public services or caring for a vulnerable person.

As the law itself points out:

As our correspondent points out:

1) You don’t get to delete words out of the law just because you don’t like someone. Even if you’re a journalist.

2) The sections (a), (b), (c)… (m) in paragraph 6 (2) are not called ‘loopholes’. They are called exceptions.

3) These exceptions are applicable to everyone if they apply. There is no special privilege involved.

We’re going to run with the view that this is a job application from Ms. Taliefar. Perhaps Soapy Joe is looking for an assistant?



  1. I would support any legal action against the infinitely more dangerous individual that is Neil Ferguson. He needs at least to be shunned from academia, the media and absolutely have no further influence on policy.

  2. The judicial review being sought by Simon Dolan is challenging whether there actually is legislation to support the provisions of lockdown they introduced.

  3. Your title has a spelling error – it should read “persecution” not “prosecution”.
    I don’t particularly like the guy but:
    Durham Police (answering to a County Council traditionally controlled by the National Union of Mineworkers) have said that his trip to Durham broke no laws and the one to Barnard Castle may or may not have done so but if it did it merited no more than a police officer yelling him to drive back.
    Maybe it should read “vendetta”


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