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So Let’s Have An Elitist Technocracy Instead!



There’s been a certain amount – OK, a lot – of squealing in the US about how democracy is the ultimate value and we must therefore respect it, do nothing to limit it and so on. Which is what makes this screeching u-turn so amusing:

Infrastructure Summer: The Untrained Bipartisan Deal-Makers
The senators negotiating the infrastructure package don’t have expertise in infrastructure, and it’s showing.

Gee Willy Willikins. You mean the elected but ignorant aren’t quite the right people to be running the country in detail? Because, you know, they’re ignorant?

Which does put a certain roadblock in the way of that we must obey every dictat of democracy really, doesn’t it?

It’s through this tortuous channel that the bipartisan bill has run aground. You have a bunch of freelancers—with next to no familiarity with the infrastructure matters on which other Senate committees work—hammering out an infrastructure bill.

Or, as we might put it, don’t allow the elected anywhere near anything because they don’t know about anything.

A plan which does have something to recommend it of course. It’s just that around here we’d probably say that means not having government do these things. Whereas Prospect would probably argue that unelected government should….



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