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It’s The Right Wing Terrorism That’s The Danger



Apparently so at least, it’s the right, the far-right if you prefer, that poses the danger to society. Because that’s where all the terrorism is coming from:

More than 80pc of children arrested for terror offences held extreme right-wing beliefs


More than 80 per cent of under-18s arrested for terrorism last year were linked to extreme right-wing beliefs, police figures show.

So, what you’re saying is that the young can be impressed by, fall prey to, whatever nonsense is spouted at them then? Well, doesn’t that just aid in explaining why tomboys seem to want to have their tits cut off these days.

However, we do have a rather deeper problem here. Which is the manner in which what is described as, identified as, terrorism differs across the political spectrum.

If you go around shouting that we should invade Poland and Jews should be turned into soap you are – entirely rightly and justly – slapped down as a vile fascist. Someone who is attempting to revive one of the most appalling injustices of our species.

If you go around shouting that we should eliminate the bourgeoisie as a class and shoot the bankers you are someone who is attempting to revive one of the most appalling injustices of our species. You’ll also gain a respectful readership and possibly even a column in The Guardian. Most useful for impressing those post-op tomboys.

That is, the reason that it seems to be rightwingers identified with terrorism is because it is that right wing that is defined as terrorism. This is inevitable in a world where an Adolf t-shirt is verboeten while Che posters adorn every teenage bedroom. It’s our definition of terrorism that leads to the outcome.



  1. Right wing terrorism: “nationalist material online”.
    Islamic terrorism: piles of dead people

    But it’s the first one that’s the problem….

    • Hope Not Hate get involved in a lot of “investigation” into right wing terrorism despite being a case of the poacher turned gamekeeper. Another example of the left and Plod having a Common Purpose.

  2. What happened to the definition of right-wing? There must be more to it than ‘anything the left dislikes’. What about those of us who like freedom and individual responsibility to go with all the ‘rights’.

  3. Going around arresting children for “right wing” terrorism is presumably a lot safer and easier than arresting nasty grown men of the stabby and shooty variety.
    Or indeed, arresting vandals doing criminal damage in the streets in London, all on film.

    Our police are the most honest in the world: they stay bought.

  4. Invading Poland and exterminating the Jews is another example of left-wing terrorism.

    National Socialism and fascism in general being described as “right wing” is just a well-repeated (by the usual suspects, mostly) piece of Stalinist propaganda: he denounced anything he was against as “right wing”. Trotsky was apparently “right wing”, according to Stalin.

    Is Karl Marx now also “right wing”? You don’t have to dig very far into his writing to see what he thought of the Jews.

    • According to the Soviets Bukharin and Trotsky were fascists and as we know that both Bukharin and Trotsky were revolutionary socialists, it is then axiomatic that fascism is a variety of socialism; albeit one not much liked by the then incumbent, who had one ice picked to death and the other shot for “poisoning powdered eggs”. Of course the real proponent of fascism, Benito M. was as genuine a socialist revolutionary as either Trotsky or Bukharin were.

      It is also unarguable that fascist economic policy, The New Deal, was much and still is lauded by “progressives” whose self-declared place is on the Left; it was directly copied in the USA, with much gusto by 1930s Democrats, from Fascist Italy and today progressives still advocate for this bedrock of fascist policy, although admittedly tinged with a malodorous dose Green quackery and demagoguery.

      There are but two substantive comments on fascism in the mind numbingly boring Mein Kampf, both of which are derogatory. Mid 1930s to mid 1940s Germany was not fascist; it was revolutionary which is the anti-thesis of right wing politics. In fascism the State is supreme, in National Socialism it was the race (and in Soviet Socialism it was the Party), substantive differences. However, the tie that binds all three is that neither were conservative, religiously, morally or culturally, neither supported the free market, neither encouraged personal responsibility or family values. None were of the Right or came from the Right and all three were opposed by the Right.

      Today right wing European terrorism simply does not exist nor has it ever really done so, whether it be the IRA, Black September or Red October terrorism in Europe has been almost elusively inspired by socialist dogma and more recently by religious proclivities. There are no right wing terror groups in the UK. Is it really likely that the “extreme right” (as labelled by Lord Adonis) Brexit Party members are making bombs on a Sunday afternoon with the intention of using terror tactics to further their political ends by blowing up children? That is an absurd concept, these individuals are more likely to be in the village pub or urban local than fiddling with Semtex on a Sunday or indeed any other day, or any other week, year, decade, century or millennium for that matter.

      This phenomena of mislabelling doesn’t just confine itself to Europe, in New Zealand the Mosque killer, Brenton Tarrant, has been defined as a right wing terrorist, ignoring the fact that his manifesto supported the Chinese Communist Party and he had a history of left wing activism. The present PM, according a certain ex-paramour of the recently un-disgraced erstwhile Leader of Her Majesty’s Local Opposition, is a right wing racist; presumably appointing two people from the “BAME” community to two out of the three most senior political positions in the land under the PM is a cunning plan to obfuscate his right wing bigotry.

      There is good and evil, light and dark, life and death and right and wrong , just as there is also Right and Left.

  5. Left wing means promoting egalitarianism and seeking to overthrow the existing ‘elite’ as a means of achieving power (see the writings of Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn). Examples include the French Revolution (the root of all Leftism), Marxism (classic Leftism), Fascism (Marxism without the internationalism) and Nazism (Volksgemeinschaft). Right wing just means conservative.

  6. Why is invading Poland always quoted as an exclusively right-wing trope? It was the left-wingers, invading Poland from the other direction in support of their Nazi allies, who lined up my grandparents and shot them in 1939.


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