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Insane Tory MP Is Insane



There’s good reason for us not to have summer time in the first place. Given that we no longer do all troop off the the factories to earn our crusts we don’t in fact need the coordination of time in quite the same manner. Thus we don’t need the entire society to hoof it forward and back once a year.

But let’s leave that aside and remain with the idea that we are going to change the clocks. This is still insane:

Right now, it’s hard think of a simpler, more cost-effective way in which the government could lift the morale of the nation and help tackle the pandemic than in bringing forward British Summer Time to February 28.

The entire point of changing the time is to coordinate the change in the time at which people do things.


So, how insane do you have to be to start insisting that we should change time on a different day, in a different month even, than everyone else? Everyone else being all those other places that we place phone calls to, send ships, trains, ferries, aircraft and the rest.

When everyone changes the clocks at the same time then there’s some but less disruption than when everyone changes clocks at different times. So, here we’ve a suggestion to maximise the disruption by putting British clock changing on a different date from absolutely everyone in the world.

Man’s mad. For while Brexit shows us that we don’t need to be part of the same political system as everyone else basic logic still tells us that there are times when it’s useful to cooperate with them.



  1. MP for effing Bournemouth. Wasn’t the last lunatic that tried something daft like this a Tory Doctor from even further south?

  2. Timezones were invented because railways meant that people had to agree on the correct time across an area bigger than where you could see or hear the local clock tower. Once people could move quickly, co-ordination was needed which needed a consensus on time. Originally, this was dominated by local factors – people still used daylight for almost all their lighting, so were dominated by the sun. Nowadays we use electric light – so are less dependent on natural light- and routinely have video conferences with people much further away. It would now make sense to not only abolish daylight saving time, but also timezones. If everyone uses UTC it becomes much easier to organise meetings as we all refer to the same time by the same label. I expecty it’s a lot easier for people in New York to know that their conventional day is 14:00 – 22:00 (instead of 9-5) than to keep track of the time in all timezones areound the world.

    • You have a point about UTC. But of course I don’t want to change because I’ve always done it the good old fashioned way. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere I feel the same about CE and BCE.

      Though I suppose what really pisses me off the most is calling men women or vice versa because they think it’s prettier.


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