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If Boris Johnson Paid American Taxes Then Kamala Harris Is An American Citizen From Birth



Annoying as it is to find out that Kamala Harris is actually eligible to run for Vice President there’s a simple manner of dealing with the question. Not that most of us even knew it was a question but there we are. There’s a new story going around that Harris is not actually an American citizen. Her parents were students, so not fully under US jurisdiction, so therefore she didn’t pick up birthright citizenship and there we are.

Newsweek actually does something interesting and runs a proper academic piece discussing this view here. And an opposing view here. If you read Newsweek as little as I do you can read both pieces for free.

And the argument is as simple as I’ve put it. ?If her parents had been permanent residents then there’s no doubt. But as students, wayull, umm….etc.

One Gordian slice here is to think of our own dear Boris Johnson. Who was born in the US to a student and his wife, both of whom were English. OK, pretty much exactly the position then. And famously Boris has had to pay American taxes on the sale of his London house because he was an American citizen as a result of picking it up as birthright.

So, err, yes, if Boris had to pay US taxes then Kamala can run. Pity on both counts but there we are.



  1. “not fully under US jurisdiction” means a foreign diplomat or foreign agressor, not a citizen of another country. See the Wong Kim Ark case of 1898.


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