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How To Truly Waste Money On High Speed Rail



Still, some are trying. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) has introduced the American High-Speed Rail Act, which includes plans to invest $205 billion over five years in high-speed rail projects, prioritizing applicants based on factors such as equity, sustainability, economic development, and locations not serviced by other transportation options. Moulton is aiming beyond the consensus that focuses on upgrading existing infrastructure. “We cannot squander this generational opportunity to invest in infrastructure by investing in the last generation’s infrastructure. We need to invest in world-class infrastructure for the future,” Moulton told the Prospect.

We should build out a 19th century technology in the 21 st century. To be modern.

Further, we’re going to look for those places no one travels from and link them to places no one travels to. Then build our railway where there’re no passengers.

A village near Salem is missing its idiot and would like him back please.



  1. Absolutely barking (if only slightly more barking than HS2). There are already high-speed rail lines in the US (Northeast Corridor) where they make sense (although not a profit). But the next most plausible route is LA-SFO and look how well that’s going! The idea that there could be a high-speed rail link between LA and Chicago – 2,000 miles, taking 10+ hours – is strictly for ‘de boids’.

    It’s true that China has a high-speed line – Beijing to Guangzhou (Canton) – almost that length, but there are ten stops along the way, each at a city of a million plus (Wuhan is one). Nobody except the occasional railfan does the entire length, because it’s much quicker and cheaper to fly. Between LA and Chicago there’s a whole lot of nothing (I know, I’ve done it).

    • Between the Lizard going weat and Iwo Jima there’s a whole lot of nothing as far as I’m concerned. 🙂


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