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We Do Hope That Facebook Carries Out This Threat



The European Union – or the law it imposes at least, it’s not certain that they grasp what they’ve done – has decided that Facebook’s business model is not to be allowed here. OK. Facebook, in return, has said well, that’s our business model. Don’t like it we’ll not operate here. And we do, oh so much, really, oooooh, so much, hope that Facebook carries through on this.

Facebook has threatened to pull its social media platforms from Europe if it is forced to stop transferring users’ data to the US.
The technology company warned that more than 410m people may lose access to its services, after the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) suggested it would enforce a European Court of Justice decision that such transfers of data break EU law.

The DPC issued a preliminary order earlier this month

“In the event that the applicant [Facebook] were subject to a complete suspension of the transfer of users’ data to the US, as appears to be what the DPC proposes, it is not clear to the applicant how, in those circumstances, it could continue to provide the Facebook and Instagram services in the EU,” wrote Yvonne Cunnane, head of data protection at Facebook Ireland, in an appeal.

“The consequences of this are likely to be significant and wide-ranging to the applicant and to the millions of individuals and businesses who use its services in Europe.”
A Facebook spokesman said it was not threatening to withdraw from Europe but setting out the simple reality that Facebook, and many other businesses, organisations and services, rely on data transfers between the EU and the US in order to operate their services.

What’s happening here is that some needledick in the European bureaucracy has decided that European data going to the United States is a terrible thing. So, it should not be allowed to happen.

410 million Europeans have, by their actions, stated that they really don’t give a flying about their data going to the US. In a free and liberal society that would be that, in the European Union those 410 million are potentially to be deprived of the Facebook they show, by using it, that they desire.

All of which does rather tell us the truth about the European Union – run for, by and because needledicks. A situation which some unfortunately experienced women would point out is suboptimal. Hopefully, now that we’ve left, we can upgrade to the native and indigenous pinheads who generally rule here.



  1. ‘Twill be interesting to see how this, and the Google fuss, all turn out. Of course I don’t use Facebook because, when my cousin joined up, they immediately sent me a flood of bullshit and began pestering me with annoying advertisements.

  2. It will be interesting to see *how* they do this. How will the EU stop an IP packet from my computer addressed to 176.13. 69.63 from getting there and the reply coming back?

    • I guess Facebook will (in order to abide by the court’s ruling) drop any packets that appear to originate from EU addresses, in the same way that the BBC tries to block you from viewing their programmes from overseas addresses. A VPN gets round both these problems.

  3. Bongo, I can’t access your link but it’s simply not plausible that EU sites won’t be included in any trials.

    The regulations surrounding clinical trials in the EU and US are very similar, the differences are not even a barrier to conducting a study in multiple countries both in and outside the EU.

    We very rightly set a high bar to administering drugs with unknown properties to humans, yet the amount of clinical research done has gone up every year for decades. Maybe you should conclude that regulation increases research!

    • Or, maybe conclude that regulation increases clinical research at the expense of clinical trials (which in some form ultimately must be carried on anyway).


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