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The Guardian’s Free Advert For Soapy Joe’s House



It would appear that Jolyon Maugham is finding it a little difficult to shift that stunningly modern and contemporary house of his. You know, the one that we taxpayers coughed up to add an opera room to or what was it.

So much so that The Guardian is now running free advertising for it.

Their pictures section today:

Homes for sale in converted farm buildings – in pictures

From an award-winning seven-bedroom windmill and granary to a two-bedroom ‘bolt-hole’ barn conversion

How lovely, eh?

Described as:

Clayton, West Sussex
This seven-bedroom conversion with fabulous views of the South Downs is made up of a Grade II-listed 19th-century windmill and attached roundhouse, a granary and a 20th-century mill house, all in 0.6 hectares (1.5 acres). It won two Royal Institute of British Architects awards in 2017 including a conservation award. Most of the interiors are stunningly contemporary with vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glazed sections and concrete floors. There is a stone-walled dining space with wood-burning pizza oven in the centre of the gardens. £3m. The Modern House, 020 3795 5920
Photograph: The Modern House

Gosh, where have we heard that before?


After multiple false claims by Jolyon Maugham QC that the Mail on Sunday was attempting to dox his address, Maugham is now abandoning his Sussex windmill after £750,000 of restoration; listing the 7-bedroom Grade-II listed, twentieth-century millhouse on Rightmove for £3,000,000.

Ah, yes. So, when finding the gaff a little hard to shift why not get a national newspaper to offer a bit of freebie advertising?

Well, yes, there’s nothing like a tad of unearned privilege to be shared amongst progressive media types, is there?



  1. Possibly a little unfair.
    The property is also marketed as a holiday let, but appears to retain a council tax banding of G. You would need to do a council tax and business rates search on BN6 9PG as far as I can tell to check that. If the property is rented out fewer than 140 days a year then it’s entitled to keep the Council Tax banding,
    There is an issue around Council Tax bandings favouring the rich. I live in a Band A and Council Tax is 2% of the property value. That’s an extreme case. For Jolyon the Council Tax is around 0.1% of the property value based on this asking price of £3m. So the rich pay less in proportion, all rather contrary to the taxation philosophy of Adam Smith. At the general level the Band H properties in England pay 3 times what a Band A property pays, despite the value differential being a couple of multiples more than that.
    So Jolyon is a bad man who has been gaining from privileges afforded to the rich.
    Or is he? Because he has often complained about the iniquities of the Council Tax formula on his blog. He never quite made the jump to asking for a LVT, and abolishing CTAX, NNDR, SDLT and inheritance tax, but he was almost there.


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