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So When Will Nigel Farage End Up Owning GB News?



A standard and useful way to think about business and organisations is that the money flows to whoever it is that has the rare item. We do though need to have a fairly wide definition of “rare” here.

So, why do CEOs get piles of cash? Because an adequate, let alone proficient, CEO is a rare beast. But it’s also true that a pile of capital large enough to require a CEO is also a rare beast – so, the cash gets split between the shareholders and the CEO.

Why is child care a badly paid occupation? It is, after all, important, but the people doing it gain peanuts. The reason being that the ability to care for a child is an extremely common skill. No, not because of the patriarchy oppressing dimmer women or anything, but because we’re descended from, by definition, those who were able to raise children. It’s thus a skill rather baked into the species.

Why does all the cashflow and more in football go to the players? Because they’ve the rare skill. Further, the whole set up is a tournament system meaning that having the top players as compared with the others of this generation means you get all the cash. Those with that rare talent thus gain near all, perhaps actually more, of the money available in the system.

At which point, Nigel:

The average audience for GB News fell below that of the Horror Channel last week as the upstart station continues to battle declining viewer numbers in its early weeks.

The number of people watching Andrew Neil’s station have fallen by two thirds since its first week on air, from an average viewership of 42,529 to 14,900 last week, according to industry data.

This was a sixth of the BBC News Channel and less than 30pc of the total for Sky News.

However, the arrival of Nigel Farage’s evening programme on Monday has boosted figures, with an average of 96,300 viewers during the one-hour programme.

So, at which point does Nigel own GB News? Or at least gain near all of the revenue stream?

We have proof here that’s it’s not all that difficult to set up a TV news – or news speak, distinguished from newspeak – station. The rare thing is the ability to get people to tune into it. Therefore, assuming this situation holds, the revenue will go to the with the rare talent- Nigel.

Fun times, eh?

I would point out that 12 or 13 years ago I was working for Ukip as a press officer. My boss was a seasoned TV veteran called Clive Page. Who would continually remark that Nigel had a great future ahead of him – once this trivial politics nonsense was dealt with – as a TV bod. The ability to hit the mark, project the voice and view, speak without errs and ahs and mumbles, to be able to do this again the same way as a second take if necessary. Things that were and are – hey TV news veteran telling us this – rare talents.

The actual on camera bit is difficult. Which is why the money flows to those who can do it.



  1. Well, season one of Star Trek Voyager started on the Horror Channel at the same time GBNews started, so that’s where my eyeballs went.

    • Discovery and other Kurtzman Drek I could understand, but Voyager? It might have been below par a lot of the time but a horror it wasn’t. 🙂


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