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Newsround, Indoctrinatory Propaganda And Let’s Kill The BBC



This is really quite worthy of those Soviet justifications for programs showing combines driving through fields of waving wheat.

Updated BBC Newsround will cover environmentalism and BLM
Editors are seeking to provide coverage of ‘things that kids are passionate about’

Environmentalism and BLM are not things 8 year olds are passionate about. They’re things that adults force 8 year olds to be passionate about – indoctrination rather than news.

Special programmes commissioned for the new-look Newsround will feature shows focussed on the lives of black children growing up in the UK, as editors seek to provide coverage of “things that kids are passionate about”.

This coverage will be helped by a new environment correspondent recruited in the wake of increased concern about climate change prompted by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

A new eight-minute CBBC bulletin every morning will cover these issues of interest to children, with editors also promising increased online content, and provide a greater reach through a new Youtube platform.

Newsround editor Paul Plunkett said: “You only have to see the protests for climate change led by Greta Thunberg to see the interest that kids have in the environment and politics.
“Newsround’s role is to reflect issues kids care about and reflect their lives.
“You can also see this passion in the comments section of the Newsround website where children will share their views on the topics Newsround covers.”

New specials will include Growing Up Black in the UK, following three children who discuss their experiences and craft a manifesto for change.
Another commission, Why Don’t we talk about Periods?, will look at the issues around period poverty and educate on menstruation.
Mr Plunkett added: “Our Newsround team are passionate about reporting age-appropriate news stories across all our platforms that speak to the lives of today’s children.

Guess what won’t be in that period poverty program? Any comment at all about how there’s no one in the UK that doesn’t have £1 a month. That is, that period poverty isn’t even a thing, let alone something that propaganda needs to be made about. There will also be nothing at all about how, perhaps and just possibly you know, maybe girls who are about to grow into young women might want to keep an eye on the pocket money to make sure they keep a £1 a month back for the necessaries.

So there’s our first reason to kill off the BBC. It’s not even pretending any more, it’s a propaganda outfit. Then there’s this:

and provide a greater reach through a new Youtube platform.

They’re not even going to use their own distribution system. In fact, they’ve just agreed that anyone can make programmes on whatever and get them out to the billions without the licence fee. So, we don;t need the BBC or the licence fee, do we?

The BBC, kill it, kill it with fire. Either that or take off and dust it from orbit, it could be the only way to be sure.



  1. I wonder how many eight year olds understand periods?
    And weren’t Greta’s followers older than her?
    I agree, let the BBC publish on YouTube and rely on the advertising money plus.voluntary donations. If course they’ll have to comply with terms of service.

  2. Like some Labour Party adverts some time ago: “This is what Britain looks like” showing 50%+ ethnic minorities.

    99% of the UK would look around themselves and think “no it isn’t”.
    Maybe 10% of them would follow it up with “that may be what That London looks like, but it isn’t what *the* *UK* looks like.”


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