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Harry And Meghan’s Producing Deal



Apparently they have signed up to Netflix in a production deal. This is nice for them, of course it is, but it’s worth thinking about what this means in terms of money. Media money perhaps not being quite the same as other forms of money:

Their fee has not been made public, but similar multi-year deals are worth many millions of dollars. The couple have already signed with lucrative speaking firm Harry Walker Agency.

The Sussexes are following in the footsteps of Barack and Michelle Obama, who already have a multi-year contract to work on scripted and unscripted series, docu-series, documentary films, and features.
Trade magazine Variety compared the Obama’s deal with other high profile signings, including a deal worth more than $100m which saw Netflix poach ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes from ABC Studios.
Ryan Murphy, creator of ‘Glee’, moved to Netflix under a deal worth a reported $300 million, while David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, from ‘Game of Thrones’, are said to have a television and film deal worth $200m.
It is unclear how much Harry and Meghan will be paid, given their lack of producing experience

This is not a strict rule but the size of these deals is not the amount that is to be paid to the producers. Rather, it is the amount that will be spent upon producing. So, a $100 million deal means that there’s $100 million to be spent on hiring cast, writers, going filming, doing the PR and all. All subject to the usual script approval and management by the studio etc.

What it definitely isn’t is a $100 million payment to the star turn.

While the Duchess, who made her name on the Netflix legal drama Suits, has made it clear she will not return to acting, the couple may appear on camera for select documentary series.

I bet, ‘cuz that’s the thing that is being sold, their image and nowt else. It’s not as if either of them – and to be fair to Harry as the junior Prince his job is waving lanyarded pistols, not cogitation – is known for the innovative nature of their worldview.

No doubt the size of this deal will leak at some point – friends might even now be talking to the Daily Mail – but this is the point to grasp about it. Such a deal, the cash involved, is the size of the budget on offer, not the payment to the producer.



  1. To me they increasingly look like two members of a very poor Spice Girls tribute act. Scary & Ginger.

    I suspect the Spice Girls are more intelligent.

  2. They should have simplified the headlines by just tagging it “Rent-seekers seek rent”.

    Meh. Won’t be watching it or paying money to the pedo-enablers at Netflix, so I don’t care really.


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