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Can We Just Shoot The New York Times Now, Please?



A classic in the New York Times method of raising concerns. You know, chin stroking over issues that are really just a way of insisting that as the world isn’t perfect then the sort of people who read the New York Times should be put in charge of it.

The issue here is the contact tracing apps structure put forward by Apple and Google last year. There is no mention at all of why the two companies had to do this. Which was that only they – for legal reasons, yes, the law means that other people couldn’t be allowed to track individuals – could actually put together this base structure for others to then use in a track and trace system.

But the real glory is this:

But the apps never received the large-scale efficacy testing typically done before governments introduce public health interventions like vaccines.

Dear God. Apparently Natasha Singer is unaware of the fact that we were all in the middle of a pandemic. When, you know, get something that works, just about, then get it out the door is the appropriate response?

Come on, really. Why were those vaccines tested with 3 weeks between the doses intervals? Because to wait the other 9 weeks before the usual 3 month gap would mean to delay the testing of the vaccines for another 9 weeks. Thereby killing some tens of thousands and up people.

Seriously, we’re getting to the point that taking off an nuking it from orbit is the only sane response.



  1. Does there exist a single, real, verifiable instance where trace and track or test and trace or whatever saved one life? Could someone put a figure to it–say $1.4 Billion for a life or something like that. Thanks.

  2. There is a reason why the New York Times is no longer the worlds most read online newspaper, simply because their bias and deliberate censorship of stories like the Hunter Biden laptop or the recent kidnapping and murder of a toddler from his bedroom by a Basketball-American youth.

    Many Americans have found that despite its Anglo origins, the Daily Mail is a better source for what’s going on in their own country than the supposed “Journal of Record”.

    • I haven’t been to the DM for years. They changed editors to a Warble Gloaming Remainer with TDS. Do they still have tits and bums?


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