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BBC Chairman States The Blindingly Obvious



As a guide to the British media this isn’t bad, even as it’s blindingly obvious to any who is capable of thought:

Only the over-50s believe the BBC is too Left-wing, the corporation’s chairman has suggested, as he said perceptions of political impartiality are age-related. Sir David Clementi said younger people tend to believe that the BBC is too Right-wing and part of the Establishment.

“There is a general trend. We do a lot of impartiality surveys and they show that about a quarter of our audience think we lean to the Left, and slightly less – but nevertheless a very substantial number – think we lean to the Right. But the interesting thing about it is that it’s very age-related,” Sir David said.

“Once you get over 50, there are a significant number of people who are convinced that we all live in Islington and we all, you know, whatever. They’re convinced of it.

“But if you speak to a younger generation, they occasionally think we’re part of the Establishment and we lean to the Right.”

This should be blindingly obvious. The young, being ignorant and inexperienced – this is why we send them to school after all, in order to fill those bottomless wells of knowledgelessness – will be left leaning. Those of us who have aged into some form of experience and knowledge of the world will trend right. Simply because we’ve been able to observe what actually works with this species called hom. sap.

So, that it’s the mature who think the BBC is lefty, the as yet unshaved rightie, is not a surprise.

However. The people who present on the BBC lean aged. As will obviously be true given that it takes some years to learn how to present, as with any other climb of a greasy pole. And if the presenters are regarded as middle of the road by the population as a whole then that means they lean left for the age group they’re a part of.

The explanation, age of the audience, is entirely true. It just doesn’t solve Sir David’s problem.



  1. Here’s a test. Can you get on a news programme when your opinion is that the government is not doing enough? Yes, and you will be debating against somebody who thinks they are not doing it right. You will never see somebody who thinks said government is doing to much, or that private enterprise or free markets might work better, or indeed have any value at all. People who think like me never get on the telly to make the case.

  2. N’être pas socialiste à vingt ans est preuve d’un manque de cœur ; l’être après trente ans est preuve d’un manque de tête.
    Georges Clemenceau (1841–1929) d’après François Pierre Guillaume Guizot (1787–1874)

    • Être socialiste à soixante-dix-huit ans, ou du moins être si enclin, peut-il rendre inapte à un emploi? Je pense à M. Biden, bien sûr.

  3. More people see the BBC as left-wing than leaning to the right. More people are under 50 than over 50 (a lot more: 64% vs 36% ccording to ONS).
    So it is highly implausible (albeit possible) that only over-50s think that the BBC is left-wing. If it was true that more than two-thirds of over 50s thought that the BBC was left-wing *and were willing to say so* the words “significant number” should be replaced by *large majority”.
    Quite a lot of younger peole have noticed.

  4. Posit.
    Over 50s actually watch/listen to the BBC, largely out of habit.
    Under 50s don’t.
    Hence those who describe the BBC as left wing know of what they speak, those who describe it as right wing don’t.
    Plus of course the BBC is establishment. It’s had a Royal Charter for a century!
    That the establishment thinks they should be running everything is no surprise. That they will adopt any excuse to that end is hardly surprising.

  5. “ slightly less – but nevertheless a very substantial number – think we lean to the Right”

    Note he gives numbers for those who think it is too left, but not for those who think it is too far to the right.


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