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Hayek Was Right And Mark Drakeford Worse Than We Thought



There was a certain puzzlement as Mark Drakeford, the First Minister of Wales, decided that we should wait to roll out the vaccine in the Principality. To vaccinate quickly would mean running out of vaccine and that would never do. As if vaccines were like bandages, things you want to have a stock of in a health care system.

You know, idiocy:

Vaccine delivered into arms protects. Vaccine sitting in the fridge does not. There is absolutely no point at all in having vaccine in fridges rather than arms. A vaccine is not like a bandage, or an antibiotic, where it is useful to have some on hand. Rather, with a vaccine, get it into arms and if there’s a gap to the next batch so, there’s a gap the the next batch. More people are protected for longer the faster the move from fridge to arm.

We might even start to question the validity of devolution if it’s, as shown, impossible to find enough bright people in those smaller groups. Or, at least, people bright enough to actually do stuff and who also wish to enter the cesspit that is politics.

We now find out that it is worse than this. Hayek was right:

The Welsh government has come under fire for its “truly bewildering” policy of delaying the coronavirus vaccine rollout, with the British Medical Association (BMA) and Number 10 leading the criticism.

On Monday, Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister, defended the slower rollout of the vaccination programme in Wales, saying supplies of the Pfizer jab were being stretched out so that vaccinators were not standing idle.

In the past week, his government has faced criticism for vaccinating fewer people in proportion to its population than the other home nations.

Hayek’s point in the Road to Serfdom was not that health care free at the point of use made us into slaves. Rather, if we have a health care system that is government run then the government pressure will be that we adapt ourselves to the desires of the government run health care system, not it to ours. We will become slaves to the bureaucracy that is.

You know, like no choccie biccies near the checkouts in order to save the NHS? No takeaways within 400 metres of schools and the rest of it.

Which is what Drakeford is doing here. There are two options available to him given the speed and volume of vaccine deliveries.

One is that the vaccines that exist, are available, are pumped into arms quicketty split and more of we the people are protected for longer.

The second is that supplies are dripped out over whatever time span is preferable for the health care system itself.

A health care system operating for our benefit would do the first. A health care system operating under Hayek’s stricture will do the second. What is Wales doing? The second. Hayek was right.

Now that we’ve got that sorted out we need to restructure things so that we’re not subject to that form of serfdom. So, that’s the NHS to blow up then. Next question?



  1. “impossible to find enough bright people in those smaller groups. Or, at least, people bright enough to actually do stuff and who also wish to enter the cesspit that is politics”

    If that’s your test then the UK isn’t big enough either. And neither is the EU, before anyone suggests that. Do we really see enough bright, capable, competent people in politics at any level?

    The only solution is to reduce the scope of governments until it reaches the point where the politicians are capable of running it – perhaps celebrity litter picking?

  2. If the goal is to always have a lot of vaccine on hand, well… The governor of NY state was so determined to keep the hospitals undercrowded that he forced old age care homes to accept Covid-positive patients. Killed a helluva lot of old folks, but the hospitals weren’t overrun!

  3. The simple solution to the Covid problem is to abolish the NHS. That way we wouldn’t have to keep protecting the bloody thing.

    NHS delenda est.

  4. BTW, I noticed that in the UK the slogan was “Save the NHS, Save Lives”. Thought the fact that the NHS was listed first was kinda creepy, especially that they never felt the need to change it. If a Conservative organization or private company did the equivalent I imagine it would have been a PR disaster.

    • The NHS is now the official religion of the UK, to our lasting shame. Suggesting that it might be in some way less than perfect is a major social faux pas.


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