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Wouldn’t It Be Interesting If We Really Did Have The Fairness Doctrine Back?



An Op/Ed in the New York Times argues that we can combat all that online misinformation by bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. This is the idea that any coverage must be impartial as to viewpoint, if someone pushing one idea gets on then someone opposing it should also be covered:

Congress should seriously consider revitalizing the Fairness Doctrine. This effort would be premised on the public’s right to be informed, rather than on the government controlling free speech. And it should be coupled with the appointment of public commissions or citizen juries that would provide independent oversight to confront misinformation in both online and broadcast media. These independent bodies would include respected experts, could be appointed by the government and would be funded by industry.

Well, OK. That would be interesting.

So, every time that Greta comes on talking about how climate change will boil us all next Tuesday afternoon then an Exxon spokesman gets to come on and detail how it’s all really plant food.

Any insistence that Black Lives Matter is met with a rebuttal that Blue ones do. Anyone insisting that all whites are racist, by nature, gets the bloke with the white hood shouting “Sure ARE! So, we’ll stay sep-ar-ate – that how you say that long word?

Lizzie Warren talking about soaring inequality gets me insisting that actually it has fallen in recent decades. And so on.

There is more than just fun in constructing scenarios here though. For it would be one of those insistences that came back to bite on the bum. Those who want more balance are unaware of how unbalanced the media is currently. Perhaps we should give them what they ask for so they can gain a dose of reality?



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