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World Ends, Women Hardest Hit



This is quite lovely from the TUC. Women are hardest hit by the coronavirus recession:

Working women are facing a significant risk in the labour market, with far greater numbers being made redundant as a result of the pandemic than during the 2007 financial crisis, according to analysis seen by the Guardian.

Women are experiencing much higher levels of redundancies during the Covid pandemic than in previous recessions, according to the Trades Union Congress. Female redundancies in the UK hit 178,000 between September and November 2020, according to its analysis – 76% higher than the peak reached during the height of the financial crisis when female redundancy levels hit 100,000.

In the same 2020 period 217,000 men were made redundant – 3% more than the peak of male redundancies during the financial crisis.

“Women are more likely to be on furlough than men and to work in sectors hit hardest by Covid, like retail and hospitality. And they bore the brunt of childcare while schools and nurseries were closed,” said Frances O’Grady, the general secretary of the TUC. “Without ongoing support from ministers, many more women face losing their jobs.”

Oh, except that’s not actually true, is it? More men than women have lost their jobs here. So it is men hardest hit.

The actual complaint is that the impact upon women has been greater in this recession than it was in the last one. The disparity in the effect upon women with respect to men is lower. Or, as we might put it, men are now doing less badly with respect to women this time around.

This is being moaned about on the basis that women, umm, summat.

That this recession will affect the female labour force more than the last one should be obvious. There is a gender disparity in sectors of the economy. Women are more likely to be in service businesses and government, men more likely to be in production businesses and manufacturing. Given the way the two recessions have worked then yes, women will have a harder time of it this time around than last.


Well, and, shouldn’t we have had similar complaining about how hard the last recession was on men? About how well women were protected? Except I don’t recall that at all. In fact the memory seems to be that we got shouts of men unemployed their womenfolk affected.

Still, no doubt we can all look forward to the day when those strong and independent women do arrive. Willing and ready to take the swings and roundabouts of a working life on the chin just as the men have had to do for millennia.



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