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To Disagree With A Woman is Sexism Now, Is It?



Apparently this tweet from Leeds United is evidence of sexism:

To disagree with, to make fun of, a woman apparently being that, sexism, these days.

To make fun of a woman because she is a woman could be exactly that. To make fun of the football statements of a female football pundit though? Without bringing the female bit into it at all?

But yes, this is apparently the new definition:

How did Leeds United not realise what would happen when they targeted a woman?
Suzanne Wrack

Target? If you get paid to stand in front of the cameras then you do indeed have to take what people say about what you’ve said in front of the cameras. That’s the job.

By going after the pundit Karen Carney the club’s official Twitter account opened the door to the sexist abuse that affects every woman in football

That is taking the claim further. We cannot disagree with a woman because there are mouthbreathers out there. So much for strong and independent women standing on their own two feet in a modern society then.

Twitter went into meltdown. There were plenty of comments from fans proudly proclaiming they had trumped the feminists. This was not an attack on Carney because she is a woman, but because she is a bad pundit and she was wrong. How did they know? Because the club had tweeted pedantically about male pundits in the past. Many pointed out that Gabby Agbonlahor, Paul Merson and Chris Wilder have also been targeted in recent months.

In the case of Carney, though, the club plunged new depths. Did they not realise the abuse directed at her would be different because she is a woman?

That really is the argument being made. We should not critique a woman in the performance of her job – not critique her being a woman but the performance of the job itself – because there are mouthbreathers out there.

We’ve some way to go before cultural equality, no? And yes, I do speak as someone who has been roundly, soundly, abused in comments sections and upon Twitter. Amazingly, some people don’t like some parts of my analysis of the world either.

Anyone recall the Colemanballs column?



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