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The Gender Pay Gap – It’s ‘Cos Mens And Wimmins Is Different, See?



There is indeed a gender pay gap. That hasn’t changed, even though the size of it has. What does change is the explanation for why it does exist. It used to be that we were told that men and women were the same, therefore any pay gap must be because the patriarchy! Discrimination! Sexist Pigs! Now we’re told it is because men and women are different.

At which point we might ask them to make up their minds.

Women will take another 40 years to close the wage gap with men, according to groundbreaking research by UCL – but the coronavirus pandemic could help them catch up.

The team of researchers who used data from Labour force surveys to track the gender pay from 1921 to the present day found the rate at which women in Britain were closing the gap has slowed in the past two decades to under 0.5 per cent a year.

This is not groundbreaking, the Fawcett Society releases such a count each and every year.

With the raw wage gap for all employees standing at 17 per cent between men and women, that means it will take between 35 and 40 years at the current rate to achieve parity.

Anyone trying to use the raw wage gap as a guide to policy or even commentary is being misleading, indulging in casuistry. For this is the mixture of all of the things that lead to there being a difference between the average pay for men and that for women. Lumping together such things as time in the workforce, educational qualifications, tolerance of risk, physical heft in the few places that is still relevant, desire over what is to be gained out of life and on and on. Plus whatever influence there still is from sexism, discrimination and the patriarchy.

At which point, no one can observe pays gaps of any statistical importance between men and women doing the same jobs, for the same period of time, for the same number of hours. All of that observed gap is explained by things other than discrimination between equal people doing the same thing.

The new explanation being:

Professor Alex Bryson, who headed the Government-funded study, said a key factor was women continuing to take prime responsibility for childcare even in countries which had the most women-friendly workplaces such as Scandinavia

OK, so on average it is women who do the child rearing. The surprise of this in a mammalian and sexually dimorphic species is what?

The other way to approach this is to invert Einstein. Who said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result was a useful definition of insanity. The inversion being that if people do different things then why should they earn the same amount? To assume or insist they should is to be insane.

Or, as this new research doesn’t say but does tell us. The gender pay gap is ‘cos mens and wimmins is different, see?



  1. My favourite “Gender Pay gap” myth-bust was after a piece in the Guardian (natch) that seems to have since been deleted – at least I can’t find it anymore. The article criticised British Airways for having the widest gender pay gap among large UK companies. As you can guess – but the author seemingly couldn’t – that was down, in large part, to the comparison between Pilot’s pay (mostly men) and cabin staff pay (mostly women).

    Even after several dozen posters pointed out the rather obvious reason for the “pay gap”, there were still plenty more piling on to castigate BA and call any posters that defended them as misogynists!

    Every day “progressives” insist we live in a patriarchal society, where Men hold all the power.

    erm, …..

    Our Head of State is a woman – Queen Elizabeth II
    The Prime Minister – until recently was a woman – Theresa May
    Head of the Scottish National Party – Nicola Sturgeon
    Head of the Democratic Unionist Party – Arlene Foster
    Head of Sinn Féin – Mary Lou McDonald
    Head of Plaid Cymru – Leanne Wood
    Head of the Green Party – Sian Berry with Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett before her
    Head of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland – Naomi Long. With Geraldine Mulveena its President
    President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom – Until very recently Baroness Hale of Richmond
    Director General of the Confederation of British Industry – Carolyn Fairbairn
    General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress – Frances O’Grady
    Chief Medical Advisor to the UK government – until recently Professor Dame Sally Davies – Now sitting as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge
    Chief Executive Officer of the Charity Commission for England and Wales- Paula Sussex – with Helen Stephenson before her.
    Chief Inspector of Schools – Amanda Spielman

    The Teaching profession is almost entirely female driven, with 80% of teachers are women

    The gender gap among students IN FAVOUR OF WOMEN is the highest ever:
    Over the last few years on average approx. 100,000 more women apply for University places than men.

    Life expectancy for women – 82.9 years
    Life expectancy for men – 79.2 years

    Corona-virus appears to be considerably more lethal to men than women.

    There are undoubtedly male dominated societies around the world, but this isn’t one of them. Yet to believe the Guardian narrative we’re no better than Saudi Arabia.

    Truly, I struggle to understand how anyone can insist – given the list above – that the UK in 2020 is a male dominated society. But they do, which seems to fly in the face of obvious and demonstrable reality.


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