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Middle Class Women Demand Government Solve The Servant Problem



It’s possible to read off of this in various different ways. That children are the responsibility of society so everyone should chip into raise them etc. Except that’s not actually how humans work at all. Women are in competition with other women for access to the males that will produce an aid in raising the best children. Ditto men with men for access to the womenfolk. This is how it works in a sexually dimorphic species – no different from the stags rutting to see who gets the babes.

So, what this does read as is middle class women insisting that government solve the servants problem:

But when it comes to women in the workforce, economists fear the accelerator is stuck firmly in reverse, despite all the talk of “levelling up” Britain.
Critics of a government, whose senior echelons are entirely dominated by men, bemoan a lack of focus on a childcare crisis exacerbating the strain on women, with MP Caroline Nokes flagging the issue as the “big elephant in the room”. Abi Adams-Prassl, an economist at the University of Oxford, warns: “An absence of clear policy statements has been quite stark.”

Now, the idea of a public childcare service seems reasonable enough. Except, well:

It is widely known that the childcare workforce is female dominated and this is confirmed by the LFS.
In 2018, only 7.4 per cent of the workers were men – up from 5.3 per cent in 2013 – but there are
again significant differences across individual occupations. Only 1.8 per cent of nursery nurses and
assistants, and four per cent of childminders and people in related occupations are male,

That commercialised – or perhaps not household – method of doing things is working class women looking after the kiddies of the middle class ones. Not all that different from the situation 150 years ago in fact.

The world has moved on from 150 years ago, of course it has. And good old capitalism has largely – but only largely – solved the servants problem. M&S food hall replaces the cook, the vacuum cleaner the parlour maid, the dishwasher the scullery maid and middle class women are allowed to enjoy sex these days so there’s no need for the comely ladies maid to take care of Sir either. Even though the occasional au pair does double up.

But that’s – largely enough – automation of those tasks and no one has managed to automate child care as yet. Which means that the wimmins are getting angry. Why are they still having to take care of their own children? Government must do something. That is, tax everyone to hire the same working class girls who were nannies to do what they’re damn well supposed to, look after the brats. In short, the demand is that government solve the servant problem so that those careers as power skirts can be maintained.

Perhaps it’s not necessary to be quite this cynical about it but By God there is a lot of the above in the current insistences.



  1. Well, I had 198 different roles suggested for me. So it’s no surprise that some of them came close to what I have actually, fairly successfully, done for a living over the past 35 years. On the other hand, I also had “hairdresser” (after answering ‘are you comfortable with dealing with other peoples’ feelings in sensitive areas’, “No”), “horse groom” and checkout assistance. So it’s about as much use as opening the printed version of “Standard Occupational Codes” at a random page and wondering whether any of those would be right for you.

  2. I’d agree. In fact I’d say that’s one of the reasons the middle class are so pro-immigration. Import domestic and other servants from overseas since the idle plebs won’t do it as they should.

    I have noticed that in the Middle East they seem to be much more forthright about this. Imported domestic servants and other labour have far fewer rights than in the UK, or indeed Oz. The employer has control of your passport and you’d be hard put to get your pay if he/she doesn’t want you to.

    Perhaps the application of the Middle Eastern system might solve our illegal immigrant problems. They seem to want to leave that place rather than flock there.

  3. economists fear the accelerator is stuck firmly in reverse

    Has anyone at the Telegraph ever driven a motor vehicle? They generally have separate devices to control the speed and direction of travel.

  4. “only 7.4 per cent of the (childcare) workers were men”
    I don’t want men looking after my kids! The only men interesting in being around kiddies are kiddie fiddlers!!11!!1!!2″!!1 Pedestrians!!!!!

  5. Only 7.4% are men? – ‘See, yet another example of the institutional sexism that infects our society and which must be addressed by statutory, mandated quotas, implemented by (cont. p94)’.

    • I don’t wanna be a child carer. The little brats’d drive me crazy.

      I insist that this institutional sexism be even more institutionalised.

  6. “Critics of a government, whose senior echelons are entirely dominated by men,”
    Which government would that be? Not that of the UK or Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland.


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