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JK Rowling, People Who Menstruate And Superdrug’s Wimmins’ Bits



The Daily Mail is entirely missing the trick here with this story about Surperdrug labelling its wimmins’ bits towels as for “people who menstruate”. This is, rather than being some aberration of the Woken SS, a glorious exemplar of the joyousness of capitalist free marketry, that guarantee of a liberal society.

Some peeps who menstruate would rather not be referred to as women. It’s the lust for their money, that capitalism, added to the choice which only markets allow, which give us the liberal outcome, peeps get what they want. This of course being the point of a liberal society, that absent third party harm people do get to live their lives as they wish. Something which, as we’ve said, is only even possible let alone an actually existing reality in a capitalist and free market society.

The Mail of course puts JK Rowling into this because it’s good for headlines and search engines, (see above):

Some have even poked fun at the product saying it would make a great present for their fathers or joking, ‘Just wait until JK Rowling hears about this!’

Others have, however, welcomed the change as a sign of inclusion and congratulated Superdrug for its efforts.

The change comes after the Harry Potter author faced aggressive backlash on social media when she tweeted an article which used the phrase ‘people who menstruate’.

‘I’m sure there used to be a word for those people,’ she said. ‘Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?’

This not being quite the point though. It also not being the conclusion to draw from the episode.

What has happened is that the packaging of these new towels – for, you understand, wimmins’ bits and monthlies – carries this description:

Shoppers have accused Superdrug of ‘female erasure’ after it launched a range of plant-based sanitary towels for ‘people who menstruate’ rather than ‘women’.

OK, there are some people in our society who menstruate who would prefer not to be known as women. No skin off our nose, no third party harm being done, have fun laddies! Or, as it is here, people who menstruate. Sure, we might think that some of the wilder claims of the same group go a bit far but up to here at least none of our damn business. You know, us as liberals at least.

There are also those who think this important, “inclusive” and who will be amenable to the people so packaging the product. Good on ’em – we’re liberals, right, no third party harm so have fun ladies.

But to stop here is to miss what is actually being done. The product itself:

That runs at £3.99 for a pack of 10.

The not woken version:

There might be a certain amount of vituperation among the more excitable over that description of “normal” there for of course the base insistence is that there is no such thing. But, you know, whatever. The normal stuff being 89 pence for 16.

So, what is actually happening here?

The capitalists are on the hunt for pelf. There are those out there willing to pay near 10 times the price – or, to be fair, the current calculation is that there are – for roughly the same thing which says “people who menstruate” rather than “wimmins”. On the well known basis that it’s immoral not to separate fools from their money so the product arrives.

It’s capitalism, that lust for the money of others, that makes the product arrive. It’s markets and their freedom to purchase or not that allows us each, individually, to go with that flow or not. Capitalism and markets together producing that optimally liberal society in which we each get to live our lives our way. Anyone who wants the rag box to say “wimmins” can have that, anyone who prefers “people who menstruate” is also catered to. There is no possibility of a society more optimised to us the peeps than this.

And do note that the planned and socialistic economies never did do that. Not just that there was only ever the one type even that was usually out of stock Comrade.

Or, as we should all already know, capitalist free marketry is the secret of a liberal society. The essential requirement without which one cannot exist. And don’t that just piss off the Woken SS?



  1. Until the people who menstruate decide that they are being unfairly discriminated against and insist on the state equalising the price of both products. That likely increases the “normal” cost to that of the “abnormal” thus the majority losing out to the mentally ill.

  2. Can’t see that the cheaper product is labelled “for women”. Comes under “feminine care” on the website.

    Is Dame Edna feminine? Sir Les looks like he needs a nappy.

  3. Absolutely spot on Tim and hilariously written. You’ve just given me lots of ideas for milking the woke transitories. Unfortunately I can think of more ideas for the fewer wimmin there are that wish identify as male than I can for those individuals who would like to gain access to women’s rest rooms, hospital wards and Prison wards without having had gender re-assignment surgery first.

    For the latter, maybe we should bring back electric shock therapy. Administered through the genitals Ideally.


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