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It’s Amazing What The Guardian Doesn’t Tell Us About Sexual Assault



The Office for National Statistics tells us of the prevalence of rape and sexual assault. The Guardian reports on this:

Nearly a quarter of women have experienced sexual assault or attempted sexual assault since the age of 16, while one in 14 have experienced rape or attempted rape, according to new figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales.

More than 750,000 adults aged 16-74 were victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault in the year ending March 2020, according to the data published by the ONS. There were 618,000 female victims, four times as many as male.

All entirely true and vilely high.

We do have a certain problem here as this is self-reporting by allegedly victims. So, the definition of rape or sexual assault is what the people reporting think it is. Thus if “Fancy?” is regarded as sexual assault then that’s what is being recorded. And there are definitions which insist that unwonted sexual suggestions are to be regarded as sexual assault.

As to what Whoopi would have called “rape rape” this:

One in seven female victims (15%) reported being assaulted by a stranger, compared with almost half of male victims.

That is, the danger, among those actually assaulted, of stranger rape seems to be higher for men than women.

And of course we’d really very much like to see the incidence of stranger rape decline. For, yes, we do think there are gradations and that this is worse. Which makes this bit The Guardian doesn’t report so interesting:

Of victims who reported the perpetrator was a stranger, the majority (64%) reported that they themselves were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the assault,

Tottering around pissed increases the danger. Fancy that, eh?



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