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How Damn Much Does A Turkey Baster Cost These Days?



One of those little episodes from the inbox. The sort of thing that’s sent out to journalists in the hope of coverage:

Good afternoon all,

June is Pride Month, a time to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. But also a time to highlight the inequalities that remain under the surface.

Did you know that LGBTQ+ people have to have at least 6 rounds of IVF or fertility treatment privately before they will even be considered for funded help on the NHS? And some will not even be considered..
Did you know that every round of IVF costs anything between £4000 – 9,000.

Good grief, isn’t that terrible! LGBTQ+ folks have to essentially prove – for that’s what 6 rounds of IVF does dom proves it ain’t working – that IVF won’t work before the NHS will even try it on them. At a cost of potentially £54,000!

Quite vile we’ll all agree.

Except, well, there’s more detail then given:

Currently in the UK if you’re in a heterosexual partnership, you have to try to conceive for two to three years before potentially getting NHS funding for IVF. Some CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Group) require LGBTQ+ couples and single women to have at least six rounds of intrauterine insemination (IUI) or donor insemination (DI) through a private fertility clinic before potentially receiving NHS funding for one round of IVF. With IVF costing on average for each round, £6,000.

Further to this the survey found that nearly half (49%) of LGBTQ+ people said that the financial cost of having to go privately has meant that they have had to make the heart-breaking decision not to pursue their dream of starting a family. Yet heterosexual couples are only required to try to conceive for two years before they can seek treatment on the NHS.

Do you see how they’re confusing matters there?

Yes, quite, “intrauterine insemination” and IVF are not the same thing, not at all. IUI is getting a mate to come ’round (quite le verbe juste) and using the turkey baster. It is the introduction of live sperm into the uterus – where hopefully it will do that fallopian fandango and so on. This is exactly what the heterosexual couples have to do for those two to three years, introduce that live sperm into the uterus – possibly not using the turkey baster – for those years. The LGBTQ+ folks need to organise this a whole 6 times – 6 TIMES! – before they get help while those het and not doubt cis folks have to struggle on for 3 years.

Bastards, eh?

But out of such claims is our current political world built.

Bastards, eh?




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