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At Least Some Trans Arguments Are Just So Strange



This is a comment upon the logic being used here, not the background idea. The point being that the logic in use is so alarmingly strange.

So, folks are now cool with the idea that a male might show stereotypically feminine behaviour. And, of course, vice versa. We do all indeed understand that at least some of the social markers of gender are entirely socially constructed. Sure, there are reprobate unreconstructeds like me who aren’t willing to agree that all are in a sexually dimorphic species but still. Little steps and long journeys and all that.

So, this is good:

So when B, now age 8, gravitated toward femininity, Dennis didn’t discourage it. “We have never raised our children in a manner of, ‘You’re a boy, you must do this. You must play with this. You’re a girl, you must do this, play with this,’” she told Vox. “I’ve allowed my children to self-direct and experience the world and life through however they choose to do that.”

That presented some challenges for B in kindergarten and first grade, where she was teased for her femininity by the boys in her class. But then the pandemic hit, and suddenly B was going to remote school, which gave her a chance to breathe and the family an opportunity to help her experiment with her gender in a safe space.

Cool. It’s the next bit that is to err:

Though B is much too young to start any kind of medical transition, which wouldn’t begin until after puberty starts around age 11 or 12, her social transition has already paid dividends to her mental health. “It was like a weight lifted off that child’s shoulders,” Dennis said. “It was such a beautiful moment to see her be able to fully embrace who she is as a person.”

But we’ve just agreed that stereotypical gendered behaviour is just and only that social construct. A construct that we’re all entirely free to breach as we wish.

So, why’s the next step for a boy who likes pink, My Little Pony and long hair that he should get his knackers cut off? We’ve already agreed that being a boy, a man, who likes pink, My Little Pony and long hair is just fine.

We seem to have rotated back to gender essentialism. If you show the stereotypically and entirely socially constructed gender behaviour then you must be of that gender. Instead of what we all actually are, free to choose from that rich palette.

Again, note, this is specifically about the logic in use here. It’s not about the wider question at all. We’ve already agreed that liking Action Man or Barbie is just that, liking Action Man or Barbie and nothing else. So why this urge to sterilize a child that exercises their option here?



  1. As usual, they want to carry out surgery on the kid, so they’ve made up an argument to justify it. It doesn’t have to be rational or consistent.

    The same thing applies to electric cars, or windmills, or solar panels. They want them so they make up some sort of argument to justify their existence.

  2. Charles Darwin had an interesting theory which is applicable to creatures that choose to have their knackers removed at the onset of puberty.


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