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The Different Treatment Of Birdchopping Windmills And Electrocuting Power Lines



Just worth noting the breathtaking hypocrisy here. It appears that he electrical power lines which festoon the country – any country with a grid that is – electrocute birdies. Especially big ones, who have the wing spans to land upon a line and then stretch to complete a circuit.

OK, that’s bad:

Now, in a landmark case, a Spanish electricity company is being prosecuted over the deaths of hundreds of birds electrocuted on pylons and overhead cables and for failing to comply with regulations designed to protect wildlife.

After a three-year investigation, Antoni Pelegrín, the attorney general for the environment in Barcelona, has brought a case for ecological crimes against the electricity company Endesa and six of its senior executives for allegedly failing to meet safety requirements.

The lawsuit claims that between 2018 and 2020 255 birds were electrocuted on pylons near Osona in northern Catalonia. Most were storks, eagles, peregrine falcons and vultures.

Separately, over three days in August 2018, 72 migrating white storks were electrocuted in Sant Quirze de Besora, also in northern Catalonia. A further 93 were electrocuted in the area between 2019 and 2020.

This is a worldwide problem but it is particularly severe in Spain because the Iberian peninsula and the strait of Gibraltar lie on one of the principal avian migratory routes, with millions of birds crossing the Pyrenees every year.

So we’re all environmentalists, we all think that sure, peeps should be responsible for the birdies they kill and great, let’s go get ’em.

So how many owners of those wind farms are being prosecuted for chopping them into little pieces? Or of the solar concentration plants that can boil them as they fly overhead?

Whassat? Ah, but that’s different? Sure it is, which is where the hypocrisy is, that insistence of difference, right?



  1. Surely Antoni Pelegrín should have compelled the government of Catalonia to shut down the grid immediately to save the lives of all those birds.

    Then when the economy collapses, the starving proles who try to shoot the birds and cook them up for dinner can be condemned to the stew pot themselves.

  2. The windmills aren’t chopping many birds today. https://gridwatch.co.uk/ shows that the power we are currently exporting to Ireland 1% and France 5% to offset the shortfalls in their/EU wind-power generation *exceeds* the amount of wind-power we are generating – so wind is a *negative* net contributor to the UK grid.
    When are we going to see the Greens headlines about that?

  3. There are ~180,000 white storks in Europe, and many of them migrate to Africa over the Straits of Gibraltar. I doubt that ~100 deaths a year is anything to get worked up about.


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