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Well Of Course – It’s The Most Basic Economics



A laddie on Toronto has worked out how to solve homelessness for $1,000 per homeless person. Therefore – of course – the anti-homeless bureaucracy is closing him down.

In late 2020, as winter approached, Seivwright tried to help. He began building small portable structures, using donated supplies and funds. Each unit, which took eight hours to construct, came equipped with fibreglass insulation, a fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector and locks and cost nearly C$1,000 (US$786) to produce.

As news of his project spread, the carpenter was quickly inundated with donations, raising more than C$200,000.

For those using Seivwright’s shelters, they represented a warmer, safer option than braving the deep cold of winter.

“Compared to being on a park bench or a tent or anywhere else outside, it’s saved my life basically,” said one tiny house resident. “I think it’s one of the best things that could happen for this city right now … Without it, people would be dropping left, right and centre.”

City officials saw the small structures as a safety hazard. In November, officials wrote a letter to Seivwright demanding that he “cease the production, distribution, supply and installation” of the shelters, adding that he would be held responsible for any removal costs.

If voluntary and cheap action can solve a problem then what point a vast an expensive bureaucracy? Therefore, when a voluntary and cheap action starts to solve the problem the vast and expensive bureaucracy will close down that voluntary and cheap solution.

Because, obviously, solutions threaten the existence of the large and expensive bureaucracy. The last thing anyone wants to do is solve the problem they gain a cushy living from.

Come on people, it’s the most basic economic point – incentives matter.



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