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Vaccine Passports And Plans Gang Aft Agley



It appears that the citizenry is not simply a passive lump to be managed as our Lords and Masters see fit.

A hidden pandemic market advertising fake vaccine and test certificates for as little as £25 has grown exponentially, with more than 1,200 vendors in the UK and worldwide, researchers have found.

After UK ministers announced the return of overseas holidays – with travellers required to show proof of negative tests, and vaccine passports on the horizon – the Guardian has also learned that anti-vaxxers and people arriving in Britain from poorer nations make up a significant number of those buying forged pandemic paraphernalia.

It is entirely possible to twiddle the levers in those Whitehall offices. Gaining the acquiescence of the people is a task fractionally more difficult.

Sure, we can be horrified here and insist that those who fake and those who buy fakes are beastly beings, willing to risk the health of others for their own convenience or profit. We might even be right as we do so. But it’s still true that this is happening against the dictats from those offices.

Something that needs to be remembered about every one of those plans to order society. Perhaps it would be a better country if government disposed of 45%, instead of 35%, of GDP. But we’re not going to find out because the British – unlike the French perhaps – aren’t going to let government have 45% of GDP. As Polly Toynbee has spent decades complaining. They can even try to collect it and we’ll all just lie, cheat, deal in cash and generally frustrate the intentions in some manner.

We could ban private profit, as the Soviet Union did. Although private profit still existed even at the penalty of a bullet in the neck as punishment.

We could insist on no mispronouning and yet there will still be cries of bloke in a frock. We can even insist, absurd though it would be, that asking for a peek at the yarbles is sexual assault, rape even, and yet no jury would convict.

Governance is, that is, limited. Limited by what the population will put up with as governance.

Something that puts paid to a very large number of those plans of mice and men. True, Anglo Saxons seem to be more ‘ornery on this matter than many others but it’s still and always true everywhere. What you can do to the population depends upon what the population will put up with having done to them. Go too far and government enters a spectrum which starts with lies and cheating and forgeries and surreptitious cash and ends with piano wire and lamp posts.

Thank goodness.



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