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They Never Will Make The Connection, No



American Prospect is the usual sorta left wing, progressive, type place. Government, especially the Federal government, should be put in charge of much more of the economy. The only time they differ from this line is when they think unions should be.

The thing is, every time they report on government actually doing something they insist it’s a cluster:

“It’s a cluster,” says a self-published author and Uber driver in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, whose grant application was declined over a supposedly missing tax return she indeed filed. (She asked to remain nameless to speak freely.) “You can add back the curse word.”

Here the particular program is something run the the Small Business Administration which is throwing grants out to businesses hard hit by lockdown. Yep, the government has difficulty in giving away free money.

But unlike those measures, Targeted EIDL Advance was rolled out entirely under the Biden administration

No, it’s not Trump, it’s not those damned Republicans undermining the good will of Congress, it’s pure incompetence by and of the Federal government.

This is a favourite:

Zelinsky-Nobile had the opposite problem: The SBA claimed her tax return for her restaurant, Dirty Bird, which specializes in fried chicken and has been closed since March 2020, wasn’t on file with the Internal Revenue Service. But she actually filed those taxes in fall 2020—she ended up owing money, which she paid—and has an electronic verification proving it.

The issue was that the IRS hadn’t processed her return, owing to a gigantic backlog from the pandemic. So when the SBA sought to pull her 2019 tax transcript, as she’d authorized the agency to do by signing a form called a 4506-T, it came back as missing. It was as if her business, which is now more than a decade old, didn’t exist that year.

They demanded an IRS record which hadn’t been processed because the IRS was locked down – in order to process a lockdown compensation grant.

The thing is they’re not going to change their minds, are they? They’re never going to sit back and ponder on whether perhaps the Federal government isn’t the solution to all problems – even as they catalogue how crappy it is at doing reasonably simple things. Immune to logic.



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