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Easyjet And The Vileness Of The European Union



It is, of course, possible to think that less war in Europe would be a good idea although don’t propose that to anyone who has just met a Parisian. So, the idea that there should be n organisation aiming at less war in Europe, like the EU says it is, seems fair enough.

Then we get to see what it is that the EU actually does:

EasyJet is preparing to strip British and other shareholders of their voting rights to avoid breaching strict EU ownership rules.

Brussels’ rules dictate that airlines operating in the European bloc must be majority-owned by European Union investors – but at present only 47pc of its stock is owned by backers in the bloc.

If you fly people in and out of the EU you can be owned by anyone. But if you fly people within it then you must be that 50% EU owned.


Well, the people who run EU airlines think that if those nasty Yanks came over then they’d, the local, all go bust. Because the Yanks would provide better, cheaper, airline services than the EU types can. Therefore EU types must be protected at the expense of EU consumers.

And that’s it. It is to protect the producers at the expense of consumers.

Which is, of course, vile, yet it’s the motivating factor for the EU itself. People must be taxed for eating Argentinian beef because it’s nice and nice and cheap. Cane sugar must be taxed because it is cheaper than the chemically identical beet sugar produced by EU farmers. The entire economic structure is a zollverein. That is, while it has free trade – with regulation and oh aren’t there regulations – internally the aim is to protect inefficient domestic producers from those nasty foreigners. The people who suffer from this being the average EU citizen.

Thank God we’re leaving, eh?



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