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Deutsche Bank Goes Stark Staring Mad With Work From Home Tax



There’s quite a lot of commentary out there about Deutsche Bank’s idea that people who work from home should pay an extra 5% tax. There’s no commentary – that I can see at least – that points out why this is stark staring made, positively insane.

DB has forgotten their basic economics which isn’t, perhaps, what any of us really want in a bank.

The idea is simple enough. If you work from home then you’re privileged. There are those who cannot work from home, or who are going to be hit by your working from home. So, tax you to pay them.

So far just foolish but then we get to the justification:

He also argues that remote workers are contributing less to the infrastructure of the economy “whilst still receiving its benefits”.

Quite ferociously twattish there I hope you’ll agree. That contributing less isn’t that they are paying less tax already or anything. No, what is meant is that they’re not buying bus tickets therefore they’re not contributing to the bus system. They’re not buying a sarnie for lunch therefore they’re not contributing to the infrastructure of Pret a Manger.

Which is insane. Because if people are using that sandwich and bus infrastructure less – the point being made – then we need to have less of that bus and sandwich infrastructure. Which means we need fewer people paying for it.

Think through his argument again. The people who do go to work on a face to face basis aren’t using broadband as much as those working from home so they must be taxed to support the broadband infrastructure they’re not using.

Quite, it’s idiocy, isn’t it? But then Germans have always had an odd idea about economics. They really do think that bureaucracy works, their experience twisted by the manner in which if your staff the bureaucracy with Germans it almost does. What should really worry us here of course is that no major media outlet has called out this twattishness – but then we sorta knew that the papers don’t know any economics, eh?



  1. By the same logic housewives and the unemployed should be taxed, because they aren’t generally buying daily bus tickets and Pret sarnies either.

  2. I’ve been pointing out the madness elsewhere. The very fact that you can claim a tax *DISCOUNT* for working at home shows that it is a generally accepted principle that it is *more* expensive to use your personal resources on behalf of your employer than using your employer’s resources, and that resources used in the persuit of employment are an employment *COST* not a benefit.

  3. If I work at a newspaper right now I’d probably be in favor of any suggestion for taxes & subsidies to make up for changing patterns in work or daily living. If the idea gets wide acceptance it’s just a matter of time until our industry gets a cut.

  4. “..The idea is simple enough. If you work from home then you’re privileged..”

    Er… I think this is wrong. You are only privileged if you are White, surely?

  5. Fine for Deutsche Bank top bods, all with their own 6-bed house in Königstein and can easily spare a few Krugerrands in extra taxes. This is just more softening, and distracting for the government finally tearing up what is left of the constitution on Wednesday, with their latest enabling act.

    When the AfD are the only half-sane voice you know things are totally fucked up.


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