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No, this isn’t about ID cards. Instead it’s about the insane certification and licensure of modern life.

We have, as many will have noted, something of a problem these days. A pandemic is cut a howling swathe through the economy. We need to do several things in order to stop this eating of the nation’s wealth. Invent and test a vaccine, check. Then, of course, we need to get it into peoples’ arms. OK. Given the policies recently followed about excessive pensions savings we also have, fortunately, a large number of still capable of being active but not actually so doctors out there.

You know, old enough to be on their pension but young enough not to be too, too, handshakey to actually prick the needle into the wrong person. Cool, happenstance seems to have led to something of a solution then.

Ah, but:

Retired medics have been prevented from returning to the NHS front line to help battle the coronavirus pandemic by bureaucracy including a requirement to provide 21 pieces of evidence, The Telegraph can reveal.

Claire Barker, a retired GP, said it was “impossible” for her to apply because she did not have the required proof, which includes evidence of Prevent Radicalisation training.

It comes as the NHS boss overseeing recruitment revealed that only one in eight retired medics who had applied to return to the front line have been able to work.

This should, really, be pretty simple.

“Are you on this ‘ere list of people authorised by the General Medical Council?”

“No, you’ve retired? We’re you on that list ‘ere of people authorised by the General Medical Council?”

“Yer was? Here’s your apron and good luck!”

Except it isn’t that simple, is it?

It is understood that the standards for vaccinators are set by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

The requirement to have passed a course in making sure people don’t join Al Quaeda is a very important part of being able to jab someone, of course it is.

This all being just a minor part of the insanity that overtakes modern life. Some bloke somewhere decides that there should be country by country reporting of the accounts. Some biddy somewhere decides there should be a modern slavery statement. Then there’s the gender pay gap report. And the median pay to CEO pay gap report. And the racism at work report. And the …..well, you get the idea. We end up with no one able to actually do anything because they’re spending all their time writing reports about what they’re not doing.

As with Pfizer turning down government money because it would only delay making the vaccine in the first place.

We only get to see these costs when we are, as now, in a certain state of getitdonerightnowyoufool but those costs are always there, always making us poorer. Barnacles on the ship of state – and as with barnacles the solution is a regular scraping of them all off and starting again.



  1. It’s another example of why the army are so good at getting things done when the NHS apparently can’t. They have a far more practical way of dealing with radicalisation.

    • They have a far more practical way of dealing with radicalisation.

      Commission them as a brigadier general? That way they are elevated to the point where they can’t do much harm.

  2. The military have been far more resistant to a lot of this crap, presumably because being ineffective in their line of work is deadly. But sadly, the evidence is mounting that the PC bureaucracy is infiltrating there and will eventually take over.

    • It’s certainly already happened to the German military.

      We don’t, probably fortunately, have any actual idea of the recent baseline effectiveness of the German military, but it has certainly not increased with all the spending on diversity and bureaucracy, not to mention the guns that don’t fire, ships that can’t sail, and planes that can’t fly.

  3. Bureaucrats exist to perpetuate their own arrangements. Anyone who thinks the NHS bureaucracy is there to benefit the public is deluded. To these sub-normal humanoids, any doctor, active or retired, is just a number, not a real person, who must abide by the rules they have imposed. All the callous cruelty exhibited in WW2 was made possible by “just following orders and procedures from bureaucrats”.
    So, fill in your 21 forms if you want to help, you dozy retired doctor! The modern world demands compliance with our rules!

  4. The NHS are world leaders in f*cking up everything.
    The last thing they want is an influx of competent people they cannot bully. Who knows: the volunteers might actually get something working right!
    Nope, the safe option is to keep ’em all out and carry on f*cking up as usual.


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