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They’ve Not Tested Vitamin D For Coronavirus, Whatever They Say



As we know the greater susceptibility of the BAME to Covid-19 is a result of structural racism in our society. This must be so because so many of all the right types of people keep telling us so.

The idea that Vitamin D, the known to contribute to the immune system thing generated by sunlight hitting the skin, might have something to do with darker skinned people not doing all that well in northern latitudes must be wrong. For it doesn’t fit with that narrative thus must indeed be wrong.

But, you know, this science thing, perhaps someone should go test it?

No evidence that vitamin D prevents coronavirus, say experts

As The Guardian headline says there, it must be that structural racism, right? Except that’s not wat the research has said. Rather:

No evidence exists to support taking vitamin D supplements to prevent Covid-19, UK public health experts have found.

This is not the same thing. Not the same finding at all.

However, both Nice and the SACN advised that people should continue to follow official guidance, which was updated in April, advising people to consider taking 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day to maintain bone and muscle health, amid concerns people were not getting enough sunlight during lockdown.

Prior to April, the advice was for people with little exposure to sunlight and/or with dark skin to take 10 micrograms all year round and for others to consider doing so in autumn and winter.

Skin melanin content, Vitamin D and the immune system – still important. However much damage that does to the structural racism claim.



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