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Local Lockdowns, Second Lockdowns, Simply Won’t Work



There’s one thing that the Swedish definitely got right about the coronavirus – the length of time that lockdown can be used. For we human peeps just aren’t willing to undertake emergency measures forever – emergency measures are for emergency periods of time only. Any attempt at a system of societal control which ignores this is doomed to failure.

For example, it is being mooted that perhaps Leicester will be locked down again:

Leicester could be the first place in England to face local lockdown measures after a rise in coronavirus cases, as the home secretary, Priti Patel, confirmed more support for the city.

Around 650 people were found to have had the illness in the first two weeks of June, a quarter of all cases in the city so far. There have been outbreaks at food production facilities and five schools have closed.

That it’s happening is not good news of course. But trying to lock the place down again just isn’t going to work. Not because people in Leicester are any different but because they’re the same. For example:

Priti Patel condemned the assault against 30 officers who were hurt while shutting down an illegal rave and pockets of violence at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in recent weeks.

She also urged sunseekers to “think about other people” and not spread COVID-19, after thousands packed Bournemouth beach days ago.

Raves, packed beaches, mass demonstrations. The country is still supposed to be locked down as a whole and yet these things are happening. Why? Because humans just won’t put up with these sorts of emergency measures forever:

Londoners have hit out at the “carnage” left behind on Clapham Common after hundreds of revellers descended on the area for a late-night illegal rave .

The popular south-west London park was flooded with partygoers on Saturday evening, with the unlicensed music event going on until the early hours of Sunday morning. A similar event was also broken up by police in Tooting.

People will go out and dance, drink, hook up and so on simply because that’s what peeps do. You can pressure them, shock them, into stopping for a bit but not forever.

This being something that Sweden did get right. For they never did say we’ll never lockdown. Rather, they said that lockdown would only last for a short period of time if it was used just ‘cuz peeps is peeps. So, reserve that power for when it’s really, really, needed. Which it hasn’t been.

Further lockdowns just aren’t going to work because people aren’t going to obey them. So, why bother?

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