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BAME And Covid-19 Is All About Structural Racism, Oh Yes Indeed It Is



After a certain amount of shouting from the usual suspects Public Health England has released the second version of its report in Covid-19 and its effects upon those blessed with extra melanin. Given who was shouting and why of course the report, as revised, is now being lauded as showing that it really is all about structural racism and therefore we’ve got to overthrow white power and industrial capitalism.

For the first version of the report really was besieged by numerous submissions of “evidence” showing that the differential outcome was all the result of structural racism. And there were many complaints when the report, as issued, didn’t include all of those assertions.

Of course, the report shouldn’t have contained all those assertions either. For that’s what they were, assertions. None of them were an examnation of the evidence – as Trevor Phillips has at least tried to be doing – but rather assertions of wha’ all kno, innit? Britain’s a structural racist society, everything is to be blamed on Britain being a structurally racist society.

Considerations of things like Vitamin D – no, I don’t say that hypothesis is true only that it’s one we’ve got to rule in our out either way and we’ll do that by examination – aren’t, in this version of politics, to be considered. There’s a different outcome, it’s structural racism, innit?

So, we get the second version of the report, which says:

Minorities more at risk from Covid-19 because of racism, says report

Well, no, that’s not what it does say actually.

PHE paper says discrimination and inequalities among reasons BAME people disproportionately hit

That is. As here:

Factors such as racism and social inequality may have contributed to increased risks of black, Asian and minority communities catching and dying from Covid-19, a leaked report says.

Is there racism in Britain? Sure. Has it contributed? I’m sure it has. But that is not to then go on to say that the differential outcome is because of racism. There is, as mentioned, that social inequality to think about too.

Aha!cry the racemongers, but inequality is because racism, see? Except it isn’t. Or at least some part of it isn’t. Large scale immigration is still a pretty new thing into Britain. Recent immigrants tend not to be at the top of any society. That’s at least some of the explanation – and sure, we might want to go on and try to quantify how much of this is about racism and how much about recent immigration. We could do that too. We could match say E European immigrants against the melanin enhanced, look at Covid-19. If the outcomes are the same then we’d say it was probably recent immigration. If different, well, could be racism. Could be Vitamn D, we’d need to investigate further.

But that’s not what is being done with this PHE report. Instead the usual suspects are insisting, a priori, that it was all about structural racism. Now they’re going to run off and use the report to prove that it was all about structural racism. And so does prejudice get confirmed in an evidential circle jerk.

This isn’t a good way to run a country you know.

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