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Alex Tabarrok Is Right. Again



Alex Tabarrok, over at Marginal Revolution, has been making the case for some time now that the real lesson of coronavirus is the failure of the bureaucratic institutions.

The FDA first insisted that only the CDC test could be used, then CDC managed to infect their own tests and…..ah, you know this shit already.

At which point we’ve another example of this. We might recall how the EU insisted that the vaccine companies must be liable for damages – when this is something we don;t do for vaccines anyway. Or perhaps how both the FDA and the EU’s EMA tried to insist that the vaccines would only be approved at the regular meetings. A pandemic is no time to have any sense of urgency now, is it?

And now we’ve got one more:

British travellers hoping to visit Europe this summer face an extra hurdle as it emerged that those vaccinated with Indian-manufactured AstraZeneca jabs would not automatically skip quarantine.

Under the EU vaccine passport scheme, people given the AstraZeneca jab produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII) would not automatically avoid quarantine and mandatory testing when travelling in Europe.

The SII jab, known as Covishield, offers the same protection as the British-made one, but the company has not sought approval from the European Medicines Agency.

The EU vaccine passport, launched on Thursday to ease travel in the 30-country European Economic Area, only recognises jabs approved by the European regulator. Also known as the EU digital Covid certificate, it enables travellers to prove they have been fully vaccinated, recently tested negative or fully recovered from the virus.


As Tabarrok has pointed out there’s a simple way to deal with this. Any drug – or treatment or vaccine – that has been approved by one of the top global regulators – let’s just say, as an example, EU, US or UK – is thereby approved by all other top regulators.

Yes, that would indeed mean less oversight by our own, home grown, bureaucracies.




  1. Foolishly thinking bureaucracies exist for some reason other than to protect and grow themselves. In this case approving drugs is just a cover for the real purpose.

  2. What is the actual point of the EU vaccine passport scheme – it seems that member states have not agreed to make this a Brussels competence and they can design their own covid-related restrictions on entry, whether harsher or more relaxed, and Brussels can do nothing about this. Or have I missed something?

  3. The real lessons of coronavirus are

    1. People are wussies. Why they don’t simply march us all into the gas chambers is a mystery. The biggest wussies of the lot being the Aussies.
    2. Social media have turned from greasers of social interaction into authoritarian monsters.

    Boris, Don, Manny and Angie all tried to calm the panic but the public insisted on panicking which is where the lockdowns came from.

    We have all known for yonks that the CDC, FDA etc. are unfit for purpose. No lessons learned there.


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