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Someone Really, Really, Needs To Get A Grip On Alok Sharma



If you’re the folk out in charge of something then the first duty is to actually learn summat about that something. This is the first part of the task that Alok Sharma is avoiding:

Our planet is heating up, fast. On course, scientists tell us, for temperature rises of some 3.5C by 2100 compared to pre-industrial levels.

That isn’t true, it’s not true in the slightest, has never been true.

That makes the assumption that we are on the RCP 8.5 path. We never have been. More, we’ve diverged from it more and more as time goes by.

Remember what is necessary for that emissions pathway to come true. Firstly, we must be in an economy that doesn’t increase energy efficiency as time goes by. We’ve continued to increase energy efficiency so that’s one strike.

Secondly we must do two further things. One is run out of conventional oil and gas and secondly not exploit unconventional resources. This is also untrue, we have discovered and deployed fracking.

Thirdly we must feed that fossil dependent society it’s ever mawgaping energy desires through going back to the use of coal. This is so far from what is happening as to be a ludicrous assumption. In fact, RCP 8.5 assumes that we gain even more of our energy requirements from coal than we ever have done as a civilisation. Simply not happening and not going to.

Finally, and fourthly, it also requires that we don;t invent nor deploy any renewables. That isn’t what’s happening either.

That is, the entire thought that we’re heading for 3.5 oC is nonsense, nonsense upon stilts.

But this is a Tory who has bought into this nonsense. Worse than that:

Alok Sharma is president designate of Cop26 and the Conservative MP for Reading West

Could we, perhaps, just have the one or two people involved in this process who are cognisant of reality? You know, just a few?



  1. It’s slightly disappointing to see our host’s retail nibbling away at climate bollocks when what is needed is a wholesale smashing of the whole farrago of crap.

  2. I think this is a fair go, actually. If the bastards selling GlobalWarming will openly use a lie this significant people should toss them out on their arses. Pointing this out is useful to sew doubt among those who can be converted to realism.

    I’ve got a friend who’s a Covid hysteric and whenever he makes a statement about the 300,000 who’ve died from it in the US I ask “you do know that number is absurdly inflated with deaths from car crashes, cancer deaths, etc. don’t you”? Not sure it does anything to his worldview, but (some) others involved in the discussion realize that they should discount anything he says.

    • You have a point Esteban. One of the facts that made me doubt the whole Global Warming stuff was that what they were advocating simply made no sense.

      Of course my scepticism then grew and grew.


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