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IPPR Finds Out What Happens When You Lie To People



The IPPR has released a report insisting that actually, you know, the peeps are dully onboard with this idea of lots and lots of detailed and planned action on climate change. They have found this out by lying to people:

The IPPR Environmental Justice Commission, which publishes its final blueprint for a fair transition today, has seen this first-hand from hundreds of hours of conversations with citizens across the UK. Over the past 18 months, we have convened “citizens’ juries”, where people from different areas are randomly invited to take part in a series of events, to hear from experts and discuss and propose their own ideas.

The problem here is in that word “experts”. Who selects the experts, what do they say? How many of those “experts” said that a carbon tax was the solution? As the Stern Review did? As William Nordhaus gained the Nobel for? As 93% of surveyed economists insisted was the solution?

How much browbeating went on to persuade those juries of the predetermined and desired answers?

Well, OK, now consider a bit. This is the commission:

Caroline Lucas
Green party MP for Brighton Pavilion
Hilary Benn
Labour MP for Leeds Central and former
Environment Secretary (Co-chair)
Laura Sandys
Former Conservative party MP and Chair of the BEIS/
Ofgem Energy System Data Taskforce (Co-chair)
Catherine McGuinness
Chairman, Policy and Resources
Committee, City of London Corporation
Beth Farhat
Regional Secretary of the Northern TUC and
IPPR Trustee
Paul Booth CBE
Chair of Tees Valley Local Enterprise
Charlotte Hartley
Member of 2050 Climate Group and member of
the Scottish Just Transition Commission
Angela Francis
Chief Advisor, Economics and
Economic Development at WWF-UK
Tom Kibasi
Political writer, researcher, and
former Director of IPPR
Fatima-Zahra Ibrahim
Campaigner and climate activist
Kate Raworth
Senior Visiting Research Associate at Oxford
University’s Environmental Change Institute
Paul Nowak
Deputy General Secretary,
Trade Union Congress
David Symons
Global Future Ready programme leader at WSP,
Director of Aldersgate Group
Steve Waygood
Chief Responsible Investment Officer,
Aviva Investors
Farhana Yamin
Associate Fellow at Chatham House, founder
Track 0 and Extinction Rebellion activist
Anna Taylor
Student climate striker and activist
Michael Jacobs
Professorial Fellow and Head of Engagement
and Impact at SPERI
Dr Emily Shuckburgh
Director of Cambridge Zero, University
of Cambridge

How many of those would even recognise a price and market solution, let alone recommend one? And how many of the people they called to talk to these juries did?

That is, how much lyin’ to the people was going on?

Pity Mavis Staples is no longer with us.

The smilin’ faces have changed but not much else…….



  1. Aslo, it doesn’t matter how randomly you select people for an invite – only those already indoctrinated are likely to show up. So you end up with a room full of eco loons talking to other eco loons about loony eco policies. This is even more of an echo chamber than twatter.


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