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Hothouse Earth – The Scumbags Are Lying about Climate Change. Again



The latest terrifying story that if we don’t abolish capitalism then we’re all gonna fry. And it really is incumbent upon the media to call these people out. In fact, the scientific journals need to be stopping people from making these ludicrous claims.

Just for the avoidance of doubt the ludicrous claim isn’t about CO2, or that climate change is happening, or that we’re causing it. Rather, there’s one specific point here that has been entirely and wholly disproven. And therefore people really must stop claiming it.

Look over to the right there and you can see that this terror of Flipper boiling in the fumes of the last ice floe is a result of RCP 8.5. OK, this is a projection of how emissions could turn out. It’s fair to say that if RCP 8.5 happens then Flipper, ice floe etc.

But the error is here:

“Now that we have succeeded in capturing the natural climate variability, we can see that the projected anthropogenic warming will be much greater than that,” study co-author James Zachos, professor of Earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz, said in a statement.

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projections for 2300 in the ‘business-as-usual’ scenario will potentially bring global temperature to a level the planet has not seen in 50 million years.”

As I say, “if RCP 8.5 then” is fair enough. But RCP 8.5 is not the business as usual forecast. To get to that level of emissions we have to do a number of stupid things. Like, stop using fracked gas an oil and so turn back to coal. Also, and on top, we’ve got to use less solar, less wind, than we do already.

RCP 8.5 is actually what happens if we use energy, and the types of energy, like we did in the 1970s and then it all gets worse too. Which ain’t, in this day and age, anything close to “business as usual”. Actually, RCP 8.5 is proven not to be about to happen.

Again, it would be fair to say “If RCP 8.5 then Hothouse Earth”. But we already know that RCP 8.5 isn’t going to happen. And Hothouse Earth, as their research insists, is dependent upon RCP 8.5 happening. RCP 8.5 cannot possibly happen given current levels of emissions, let alone given current trends in emissions. It’s definitely, absolutely, not the business as usual projection.

So, they’re lying when they say it is. Quite why they’re lying is another matter. Presumably the destruction of industrialised civilisation is more important than the truth, who knows?



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