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You’re Right – Sadiq Khan Is Insane



Sadiq Khan has a new plan, a very clever plan. All those who didn’t make a mistake must pay for those who did. For his encore he’s going to demand that all of those who didn’t steal anything be locked up to cover those who did steal but didn’t get convicted.

His specific lunacy is that everyone who didn’t build housing with fire promoting cladding must pay for the mistakes of those who did:

Housebuilders are under new pressure to pay to fix fire-risk flats as the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, joins campaigners to call for a windfall tax on developers.

Thousands of homeowners face going bankrupt or falling into negative equity if they face a bill to put right safety defects such as flammable cladding uncovered in the wake of the Grenfell fire in 2017.

Khan has no power to force developers to pay, so is asking the government for a one-off 10% tax on profits over the past 10 years to relieve leaseholders of the burden. Publicly-listed developers made pre-tax profits of £30bn over the decade, according to City Hall accounts, so a levy could raise £3bn.

Man’s insane.

So, people who built little nice houses on estates, who never went anywhere near cladding, have to pay. Retrospectively as well. Further, people who built blocks of flats without turning them into a potential Roman Candle have to pay for those who didn’t check.

And yes, of course, it gets worse:

The proposed national levy would apply to large housebuilders that met a profit threshold, not to housing associations and small-to-medium-sized developers, to avoid any impact on the supply of affordable homes.

Grenfell was run by a housing association. So, the people who actually did kill with cladding don’t have to pay to remedy cladding. The people who didn’t even use cladding do.

Sure, democracy’s a good idea but it does have its drawbacks, in that insane fools might get elected.



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