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The Wondrous Fury Over The SuperLeague Proposal



Watching this proposal for a European Superleague has provided memorable moments in the observation of hypocrisy. After a stuttering start most have managed to glom onto the fact that this is a capitalist plot to screw the workers. Creating a monopsonistic buyer of top end footballing talent with a revenues to wage constraint will reduce the wages of those to end footballers. That’s the very point of the proposal in the first place. To make European soccer, where clubs very rarely make a profit, more like American sports leagues where they all always do.

Football is merely copying the government’s example. When government’s, like Johnson’s, send out the signal that economic exploitation is both acceptable, and without penalty, others will of course follow.

Football has now done so.

And let’s not forget that others will be more blatant as a result.

Corruption permeates, quickly. We have a government that is utterly indifferent to free competition and the regulation that maintains it. Instead they promote abuse.

Certainly get angry about the government.

As I say, some did manage to glom onto what’s wrong with the idea.

And yet, and yet, there’s more than a whiff of hypocrisy here. For some to many of those people making this complaint are entirely fine with limiting the earnings and wages that accrue to the labours of others. Even to the point of trying to insist upon maximum wages – like the football leagues abolished in 1961 – and if that doesn’t work then taxing high wages out of existence.

There is, for example, that proposal from the High Pay Commission that no wage within a company should be more than 20 times the lowest – or is it the median? That’s an argument that the wages of the workers should be limited by law rather than just monopsonistic collusion.

Or those who demand much higher taxation of high incomes. There are those who argue for 80% income taxes at the top end. This is again the exploitation by monopoly of those dues of labour. But apparently this is OK in a manner that reducing the incomes of football players isn’t.

Ah well, if they didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any at all, would they?



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