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That The Guardian, Of All Papers, Should Complain About This



One of those little irritations from those over to the left of us is their ability at projection. To pick up one of their own tactics and then insist that their enemies are doing just that. Which is the proper way to think about this from The Guardian:

For what was billed as a landmark examination of racial disparities, set up directly by Downing Street and months in the making, the arrival of the report was curiously low-key – or, critics say, done with significant media manipulation.

The full 264-page report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities was released at 11.30am on Wednesday. But the bulk of the coverage came before that, when journalists and interviewers had very little idea what it contained.

Before publication the Government Equalities Office (GEO), part of the Cabinet Office, said it would release a “trail” of the report under embargo on Tuesday. This sort of preview is not unusual but there were a few striking differences.

I am, as we all know, famed the world over for actually reading the full reports of whatever it is that is being pumped out. Even, for reading the footnotes and then going and checking that the source does indeed say what is claimed.

No, really, world over fame.

And one of the things which drives me up the wall is The Guardian’s habit of publishing yet another piece insisting that the world’s about to end, cats will lie down with dogs, rivers of blood unless we abolish capitalism, drawn from a report which is not as yet published. So that the checking cannot be done.

The report then turns up a day later, after the newsburst has drummed the institution of socialism – again – into everyone’s head and far too late to be able to refute by checking the facts.

That they now complain about this is just that sort of projection. Their enemies must be doing this because they know that this is what they do, would do if they were in that position, therefore j’accuse.



  1. When I practised commercial law, I noticed that the other party to a contract negotiation would seek clauses prohibiting conduct that would never have occurred to me or my client. The misconduct people *most* fear is the kind they would indulge in if they thought they could get away with it. If potential partners feared things that were *too* outre, that revealed their true natures and it was sometimes better just to walk away from them. Sadly, politics involves being locked into what amounts to a life-long contract negotiation with would-be malefactors.

    • Most (perhaps ninety per cent) of the problems in life come from doing business with the wrong people. Including social contact. There is some objectively brilliant Guardian reporting and objectively some utter what were you smoking bollocks. Fortunately almost all stories have bylines and it is possible to avoid those you should not be doing business with.

      The other ninety per cent of the problems in life come from the opposite sex.


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