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Nesrine Malik, An Arab Sudanese, Lectures the British On Racism



There are some fairly robust Anglo Saxonisms to describe this sort of behaviour.

Nesrine Malik is an Arab Sudanese who is also, or has become perhaps, British. Nowt wrong with that. In the Sudan recently – like within the last decade or two – the government has sent out militias to murder people ‘coz they is black. In fact, to conduct slave raids in Darfur.

So much so that the black portion of the country fought a decades long and ultimately successful rebellion to become independent from the vilely racist Arab government in Khartoum – it’s now South Sudan.

At which point Ms. Malik tells us that:

This is the result of years of work by the right to smear anti-racist positions. When we talk about racism today, what we are unwittingly doing is subjecting ourselves to a loyalty test. Pointing out that Britain is racist becomes not an observation about the facts, but a choice to undermine a well-meaning country doing its best. It is “doing Britain down”, aggressive, transgressive, a declaration of war against the country and its fine people. Thus the attempt to discuss racism becomes about everything except racism itself, reduced to merely a tool to distinguish between saboteurs and supporters.

The actual argument being put forward is that while racism undoubtedly exists in Britain – hey, we’re talking about fallible human beings here – it’s not institutional, it’s not embedded into the society and it’s a hell of a loot better here than it is in most other places. All of which happens to be true too.

But it is more than somewhat galling to be lectured on the subject by an Arab Sudanese.



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