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It’s An Interesting Philosophic View About Slavery, Certainly



We’ve touched upon the duties or whatever of Drax to the descendants of slaves before. Given that those descendants in the Caribbean are better off – by and large, this may well not be true of Haiti for example – than the descendants of the non-enslaved in West Africa then there simply isn’t anything to pay reparations for.

The Observer has an interesting entry into the debate:

Richard Drax cannot be responsible for what his ancestors did 400 years ago. But he is responsible for what he does now. Since his wealth is based on murder, kidnap and theft, the least he can do is return his plantation in Barbados to its rightful owners, the people who live there now. Thus the descendants of a much wronged people can benefit from a new hospital, a well-equipped school or some well-planned housing. He is a privileged person to have this in his gift.
Angela Singer

Umm, why does land belong to the people who live there now? I can think of arguments that land should belong to the people who lived there before the land was taken from them. The Caribbean having a certain problem with this as the Arawaks were eaten by the Caribs before either the whites or the blacks turned up.

The base principle on display there would also have certain problems for those of Ms. Singer’s Cambridge contemporaries who own a charming little gite in the French countryside and so on. Mere Anglos should not be allowed to own Gallic ruralness under such a rubric.

The idea would also pose a certain problem for immigration itself. If the land should belong to the indigenes then where are incomers to reside? Are they to be denied property rights?

That is, upon examination this insistence that “rightful owners, the people who live there now” is merely local land for local owners. A remarkably nativist, even xenophobic, idea for The Observer to be printing. But then clarity of thought has never been a feature of that newspaper……



  1. In addition to the argument that the descendants of most (all?) slaves in the West are better off than their peers back home, perhaps the same is true of the actual slaves themselves or they were no worse off by being shipped to the West? Am I correct in thinking that Drax didn’t actually take anyone into slavery, but only purchased someone already enslaved? Is it reasonable to assume that these poor souls were better off, or at least no worse off, being property of Drax rather than the other destinations they may have reached? If no one purchased them the slavers would have killed them, no?

    • I do agree with you Esteban.

      I’d also argue that the class of people sold as slaves by the Africans would have been much the same as that class of indentured servants shipped to the colonies from Europe. (Perhaps you might argue that contemporary African societies were even more arbitrary and brutal than 18th century Europe, so possibly a higher percentage of the innocent were shipped.)

      However no one argues that the descendants of the whites should be compensated, only the blacks. This appears to be merely the usual racist argument – their beautiful black skin is better than your wicked white one, give the blacks your money.

      • “…..This appears to be merely the usual racist argument – their beautiful black skin is better than your wicked white one, give the blacks your money…….”

        Give the blacks your money – minus the usual percentage to all the woke activist groups for handling charges, research, etc.

        If the activist groups didn’t make a good living out of this clamour, there would be a deafening silence on this subject. Certainly there is no call from the actual descendents of these slaves…

  2. Unless your framework is essentially Christian, what is wrong with slavery? Let’s hear the secular moral arguments against slavery from atheistic liberals. Eventually, they end up appealing to a religious or quasi-religious principle. And slavery’s inefficiency is not a moral argument.

    • You have a point. I dislike slavery – but of course I was bought up to dislike slavery.

      I certainly don’t want me or my family to be slaves, but that’s pure selfishness. I definitely don’t want other Aussies to be slaves, but again I was bought up that way.

      I also agree with the argument that slavery is inefficient, but we’re talking about morals here.

      I suppose it’s just the Christian culture which permeates Oz, and provides the moral background to our assumptions. Still no doubt our devotion to diversity will soon eliminate this nonsense and have us back to doing things in the good old fashioned way.

  3. “…….Since his wealth is based on murder, kidnap and theft, the least he can do is return his plantation in Barbados to its rightful owners, the people who live there now……..”

    I live to the North of London, in a spot run by the Catuvellauni around 0 AD. These people seem to have come from Belgium, so presumably they uprooted the people living there before, before they were taken over by the Romans….


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