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Covid Isn’t Actually As Racist As All That



We’ve all been hearing about how Covid is racist. Just another burden the wipipo have been putting upon the shoulders of the melanin enhanced among us. The thing is it turns out not, at some level, to be true:

To give hospitals a glimpse of the future, a team of computer science researchers at the University of Copenhagen developed a machine that could predict how likely Covid patients were to die from the disease – with 90pc accuracy.

To create the algorithm driving the calculation, researchers input data from 4,000 Danish Covid patients. It included their age, sex, body mass index (BMI), lab tests, vital signs, prescriptions, consultations as well as their other conditions they had.

Think on this a little bit. If we can predict who is going to die having got the disease then we can run our predictions back the other way as well. We can look and see what are the factors which those dying have in common and so work out what is important in causing death.

BMI, age, high blood pressure, being male, neurological diseases, COPD, asthma, diabetes and heart disease are factors that artificial intelligence weigh`s most to with the risk of getting into the respirator.

Race isn’t there. So, therefore race isn’t a major factor in dying of Covid once Covid has been caught.

Sure, this is only part of the problem. It might well be true that the melanin enhanced are more likely to catch Covid in the first place. It wouldn’t surprise us in the least if this were true as well. Melanin enhancement is relatively new in Northern Europe so some goodly portion of those with it will be first generation immigrants. First generation immigrants are not notably among the leading cohorts of any society and some to many diseases strike those of lower socio-economic classes more than those of the higher.

But that’s a function of immigrant status aiding in determining socio-economic, not race directly with either.

We seen to be finding out that Covid isn’t in fact racist. Which is nice, isn’t it?



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