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Britain, Not So Much Of A Racist Society Then



So we’ve an official report coming out which tells us that Britain isn’t so much of a racist society then. Not that there are no examples of racism, we’re talking about a group of human beings here, but the country as a whole doesn’t seem to be racist – institutionally or otherwise.

The underlying point they make is:

“The term is now being liberally used, and often to describe any circumstances in which differences in outcomes between racial and ethnic groups exist in an institution, without evidence to support such claims,” the report reads.

“The Commission therefore feels that misapplying the term racism has diluted its credibility, and thus undermined the seriousness of racism, where it does exist, in contemporary Britain.

“Where ‘institutional racism’ is used too casually as an explanatory tool, it can also lead to insufficient consideration of other factors which are also known to drive such differences in outcomes.”

An example I have used around here – the lower economic status of certain BAME groups. Well, mass immigration is a pretty new thing, most members of certain BAME groupings are first generation immigrants or their young children. It is not obvious that any society has first generation immigrants – unless they really are a conquering horde – at the top of the societal rankings. That’s not, generally, the way these things work.

If second and third generation are still restrained within the society then that would be better evidence for the contention. It is not obvious that this is so of, say, South Asians.

I’ve also mentioned two other points around here often enough. The first is that in common with most who have lived in other and different societies then Britain simply is a less racist society than most others. The Russian attitude towards black skins would have Alf Garnett calling “arf a mo’!”. The US, even that oh so liberal California, makes social distinctions based upon skin colour in a manner that Britain really doesn’t.

This isn’t to say that there are no problems within British society – it’s that they’re very much smaller problems, where they exist, than they are elsewhere.

The second is that Britain is in fact solving whatever problems remain in the manner in which every society that has actually solved them has done. Miscegenation. By far the fastest growing racial grouping in the country is “mixed”. Folks are shagging across those boundaries of melanin content and producing kids. As time goes by this means that the population takes a tint but we don’t have those different groups any more.

We might be aided in this by the fact that we never did have chattel slavery domestically. We were, of course, part of that system but it wasn’t something that we had here in any numbers. Thus we never did have, in domestic law, any definition of who it was – as a result of race or skin colour etc – who could be enslaved and who could not. Thus we’ve none of that American obsession with half and quarter and one eighth and so on – things which over there could indeed mean you could be property of you couldn’t. It’s this which makes so much of Meghan’s bleatings ring untrue to the British ear. She is, in that old language, a quadroon. Which a Brit would be most unlikely to regard as black even while the American calculation could be very different. So her running around shouting “Is it ‘coz I is black?” jars precisely because a reasonable British retort is “But Honey, you aren’t black”.

The proof that I would use though is that children one. If the young of today are gaily not just shagging across those racial lines but breeding and cohabiting and marrying – you know to distinguish from the rape of chattels – then we really can’t be all that racist a society. And the very process of doing that solves the problem in the long term anyway.



  1. To which I would add, it is not only those who settle into a mixed race relationship who demonstrate , along with their friends and families, that they are not racist. It is also all those who considered such but eventually settled in a same race relationship.

  2. You’re reminding me of a picture I have of the local Councillor, Kara Cook. She’s evidently married to a Pacific Islander.

    I’ve left it on my fridge because the kids look so cute. Soppy sentimentalist, that’s me.

  3. A quadroon is 3/4 white ancestry and 1/4 black and I believe Meghan’s is 50:50. That makes her a mulatto or mulatta. Archie is the quadroon.

        • If NY Daily News writer and social justice activist Shaun King (aka Talcum X) who is as white as they come can get a nigga pass on the basis that the unknown provider of his seed MIGHT POSSIBLY have been of African-American origin, then I’m sure never-was-a-Prince Archie is entitled* to one.

          * – Entitled being the operative phrase when dealing with anything related to Princess Sparkles

  4. Having lived in the U.S. for 60-odd years, I don’t know what “social distinctions based upon skin colour” you believe go on here. And, dear God, slavery ended in 1865, anyone who needs to bring that up to try to make a point about racism doesn’t have a case. Re: quadroons, mulattos, etc. I have never (literally) known those type of racial distinctions to matter, only ever see them discussed in historical discussions about Thomas Jefferson, etc.

    I think the U.S. is also about as non-racist as it gets in any meaningful sense (human beings will always tend to be tribal). The exception being that there is overt discrimination against Asians and wipepo,.


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