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Which Species Is The Guardian Talking About Here?



It’s entirely true that certain myths to untruths are told on varied sides of the abortion debate. The question here though is which species does The Guardian think it is talking about?

Senate Bill 8, the six-week abortion ban that the Texas governor, Greg Abbott, signed into law last week, is a total ban on abortion in everything but name. The bill is one of several across the country that bans abortions at six weeks of gestation – in layman’s terms, four weeks after fertilization and two weeks after the first missed period.

Umm, what?

Entirely true that I’m a gammon who is well past the age that cycles are all that much of a concern but still. Wouldn’t it be possible for a national newspaper like The G to refer, when talking about abortion in human beings, to human beings?

For that ain’t the way that the menstrual cycle works, is it? From the NHS:

When are you most fertile?
“Theoretically, there’s only a short time when women can get pregnant, and that is the time around ovulation,” says Belfield.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when ovulation happens but in most women, it happens around 10 to 16 days before the next period.

“It’s not accurate to say that all women are fertile on day 14 of the menstrual cycle,” says Belfield. This might be true for women who have a regular, 28-day cycle, but it won’t apply to women whose cycles are shorter or longer.

That is, a 6 week ban on abortion means up to the second missed period.

Sure, maybe this is an intolerable imposition upon women’s rights and maybe it’s saving innocent babies from the chop but personally I’d give more credence to arguments that come from people describing the right species.



  1. I notice that Comment Is Banned on that article. Surely they’re breaking some sort of product descriptions law there putting it in the Comment Is Free section.

  2. Not quite. Gestation age is usually measured – as the text makes clear – from “LMP” – last menstrual period, i.e. the period BEFORE you conceived, so the text is right. 6 week’s gestation, is 4 weeks after conception, 2 weeks (ish) after FIRST missed period.

  3. @jgh – I assume what they mean by “Comment is free” is that you’re free to write an article to offer to them to go in this section, and if they accept it they won’t pay for it. Free as in money.

    And to add to what The Pedent-General said, note that some women have fairly irregular periods, some to the extent that they would not notice anything unusual about an apparently missed period (in a few more extreme cases you occasionally that you can read about in the news, a woman gives birth without realising she was pregnant at all). So six weeks is far too short to set as a limit. But we know anyway that it’s not an honest limit – it is really an attempt to ban abortion within the constitutional constraints.

    • “But we know anyway that it’s not an honest limit – it is really an attempt to ban abortion within the constitutional constraints.”
      And the solution to that is to vote for a different law.
      What, people keep voting for the existing law? So what’s the problem then? The existing law is clearly what the people want, if it wasn’t, the people would have voted for something different.

  4. You can have a NZ approach. Ban aborting dairy calves done for milk production timing while allowing species called home sapiens a free for all at any time. Animal rights issue apparently. Now that Jacinta has promised more housing and education, will the decades old exodus of Kiwis to Australia increase when border bubble opens ?


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