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Apparently we are not allowed to disagree – and publicly say so – with any of the campaigns from the woke:

London’s first commissioner for victims has revealed how misogynists are attempting to silence her attempts to tackle domestic violence.

Claire Waxman, who is campaigning for amendments to the domestic abuse bill, says her work is prompting an increasingly coordinated online response from largely anonymous social media accounts designed to discredit and intimidate her from continuing. “Particularly around the area of the family courts and domestic abuse bill I have received a huge amount of abuse which has misogyny at its root, people who are trying to create a gender war,” she said.

“If I speak out we see the abuse intensify. It’s to try and silence what I am seeing and the work I am doing.

If someone’s saying “Fuck off you old cow” that is indeed abuse. If people are doing so en masse that could well be coordinated abuse. It’s even possible that people are doing this simply because they hate women.

And yet, and yet – certain ideas about how the world should be are being put forward.Certain uses of our money – our taxes – are being insisted upon. We, given that we do live in a democracy, get to argue back about the use of our money, to concern ourselves about what public policy is.

We even get to do that en masse and whatever the cause of that disagreement. Some portion of the country is indeed misogynistic and said misogynists also get to make their input into public policy and how their tax money is used. Because that’s what democracy means, we all get to have our say then the majority wins.

Another way to put this is that if you put your head up above the parapet to tell us all how to live then sure, we get to shout back at you.

As to the coordinated part there’s always a certain amount of projection in these things. For coordinated attempts to vary public policy do exist even if it tends to be the lefties doing so. For example:

Some may recall that last autumn I asked if anyone here who was interested might make a submission to the IFRS on their consultation on whether they might create sustainability accounting standards, to be created through a new created, but quasi-independent, sustainability standards board that they are promoting.
Submission of comment to this consultation was not made easy. Despite that my review of the 576 comments submitted suggests that 93 (at least) were based in the submission that my colleague Professor Adam Leaver of the University of Sheffield and I made early in in the consultation process.

Some of those commenting came directly from those whose names I recognise from this blog.

The Tres Professore desires to be awarded a grant or three to develop his idea of sustainable cost accounting. To that end he attempts to coordinate responses to a public call for comments and claims, as here, that some one fifth or so, one sixth, of such responses were so generated. How’s that for coordinated action over social media?

But of course that’s different, isn’t it? For it is righteous…..




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expunct (ɪkˈspʌŋkt)
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1. to delete or erase; blot out; obliterate
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