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Today’s Bizarre Business Idea – The Meta Social Network



Twitter and Facebook – et al – won’t allow certain people onto their networks. Hmm, well, whatever we think of that the reaction is pretty swift in coming. After all, there were 70 million plus who did vote for the man and they too want to share cat pictures.

The problem being that the reaction is fragmented and the aim of the game here is networks – which work best when they’re not fragmented. One answer is simply to wait, network effects will lead to someone dominating the new landscape just as they did before. Another is to try to make money out of what is happening:

Following the banning of Donald Trump and many prominent followers on mainstream social media platforms, and Amazon’s withdrawal of web hosting from Parler, rightwingers have fled to an archipelago of smaller “alt tech” sites and services that promise less content moderation or a refuge from the prying eyes of their political opponents and law enforcement.

On Tuesday, on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store, apps, services, and social networking platforms that either directly pitch themselves to Trumpists as a free speech alternative, or which allow them to enjoy encrypted communications, were dominating the list of the most downloaded apps.

Some of these were platforms that – like the temporarily disappeared Parler – seek to reproduce some of the features of big tech platforms, but with far fewer restrictions on what users can post.

Do you recall back when search engines were wildly competitive as a market? There were meta search engines that allowed you to interrogate several of them at the same time. Equally, with Twitter, there are such things as TweetDeck. Management tools etc.

So, we now face a world with widely fragmented social networks. What would be a useful idea is a central management tool of that diaspora. A meta-social network that is.

Tuesday afternoon offer enough time to get that done then?



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